Friday, October 1, 2010

A Small Visitor

A few days ago, family of a close friend of mine was in town. I had been trying to find time for her sister to come meet my horses, since she is a horse person herself, but we haven't been able to sync up until now. The whole family decided to visit the barn to meet Lilly and AJ. My friend's son, Dashel, was the star of the show.

He has never seen a real horse up close before, but does a pretty good 'whinny' when prompted. :)

I thought he would be hesitant once he was face to face with Lilly, but he had no fear. He wanted to feed her cookies and even sit on her back.

Mmm!  Cookies!
Lilly was such a good girl. She has very little experience with children, but when they're around, she's very quiet. When Dashel sat up on her back, she stood like a statue, and didn't move until he was off. She was watching him the whole time, as you can see in the pictures.

Making sure Dad is ok with this.

He needs a cowboy hat!
He even agreed to give her kisses. It was so sweet, and I love the look on Lilly's face here. :)

Aww, giving Lilly kisses!
In ligament news, there still isn't any news... As Funder pointed out, no news is good news! Especially since any news where Lilly is concerned is usually bad. Our track record isn't so great here lately. She's still resting in the stall but we've had a lot of rain, so I haven't been able to hand graze her. Hopefully she's still relatively calm when I hand graze her tomorrow.


  1. TOO cute!! What a good babysitter Lilly would be! Hope the rain stops soon. Its gorgeous here!