Thursday, October 14, 2010

State Fair and Other Random Thoughts

My parents left to go back to Michigan this morning, but I had a great visit with them over the past couple days. I sure wish they lived closer so I could see them on a more frequent basis. My Dad could bring his horse down and everything! :)

The State Fair Quarter Horse and Paint show was Tuesday and Wednesday. I couldn't show but I wanted to go up there and watch so I could see what I was missing. By the time we got there at 12:30 on Tuesday, all the halter and showmanship classes were over. There were a LOT of them so I'm guessing the turnout this year wasn't very good.

We ended up watching the western pleasure and horsemanship classes. Those classes were also quite small. I think the biggest class had 9 horses, but most of them had 4 or 5. There were some pretty nice movers for a change, but a lot of them still bobbed their heads up and down... up and down. I try to defend my breed, but the judges and exhibitors make it challenging at times.

After the western classes we stayed to watch a few reining patterns. I used to have a horse that loved reining and he was really good at it (for the 4-H level we were showing), but these horses were quite good. It was fun to watch some speed for a change after seeing horses pitter patter around for 4 hours. :)

The co-op had put me on hold while they discussed whether I would be a good fit for their barn. The coordinator called me today saying they'd love to have me and they were going to split the pastures like she mentioned to accommodate my mare. I almost expect to see them wrinkle up their noses when they say that word... lol I kindly declined telling them that I would rather my gelding be able to stay out 24/7, but thanked her for her time and told her I would keep her in mind if anything changed. I don't plan to board there at all, but I don't like to burn bridges. She mentioned another co-op place down the road from her that does pasture board and suggested I put AJ there and keep Lilly at their barn. Then she remembered Lilly was a mare and had to retract her statement. Sooo... if I had any doubts, they're gone. I mean, what happens if AJ gets sick or something and HE has to go on stall rest? Or God forbid something happens to him? Lilly can't go outside because the boys can't handle it? I need to find somewhere that is ok with mares.

T minus 5 days until the ultrasound. Depending on what the results are, I'm still seriously considering having the other veterinary practice come out and give me a second opinion. I don't know if it'll do me any good because the treatment options really are limited, but someone else might have a different perspective or another prognosis.

Things at the barn have been quiet. 'M' has been giving Lilly some hay in the early morning and I turn out her mare when I go in the late morning. We stay in touch via telephone and email, so I'm a little bit more comfortable with things for now. She doesn't check on AJ but he's much more hardy than Lilly and I always check on him when I'm there.


  1. Thats so interesting that they are so odd about mares. I guess none of their geldings have ever been out in a mixed herd? I see the benefits as to why we split them up- as mine are split right now. But both mine have been in mixed herd their whole life and it has never been an issue. Horses will be horses :) I'm so glad you have a good system going with M. It's a blessing you have her so that you have some sort of peace of mind!

  2. I'm really amazed that there really are boarding facilities that don't take mares. I've never heard of such a thing, but then again, the last time I owned a horse my mom was the one making these types of decisions :).

    I'm glad to hear that things are going so far so good at the current barn. I'm anxious to read how the ultrasound goes, I'll keep my finger's crossed that all goes well!

  3. I've come across a few places that specifically state "no mares". It's bizarre to me...

    I can see keeping the mares in one pasture and the geldings in another, but to not allow mares is just wrong in my mare-owning opinion. :)

    Things with M are working out perfectly so far!