Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Influence

All was well at the barn today. Lilly was in with AJ like I had requested, although all the other horses had been moved around and mixed up. I saw that Baby was pastured all by herself in the biggest of the pastures. I called M to let her know Baby was turned out solo, but it was refreshing to know it didn't matter to me who was where... my two were together!

I took some of my quality hay down to give Lilly and AJ and put it in one big pile like I used to. They're buddies and usually eat together. However, spending two weeks with 3 other witchy mares has had a negative effect on my normally sweet girl.

Here's the face she gave AJ when he tried to join in on the hay pile!

Mean mare face!
BAD MARE! You share with your brother! She got cranky with him once more after I told her to knock it off, but eventually they got things worked out and agreed to share.

Aww...  that's more like it!
M and I are probably going to look at the barn on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to go tomorrow but she works during the day. I think she's pretty fed up with the whole situation too, because even with co-op you still have to deal with the BO to a certain extent. So hopefully this place will work out and we can hit the road. She has a friend that boarded her mare there for a while and didn't have any complaints, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Notice my mare has two whorls on her forehead... some say that makes her crazy! LOL

The weather today was beautiful! We've been having a real fall this year, and it's wonderful!


  1. Nice pictures - love the mean mare face - I've seen a few of those! Hope the new barn works out.

  2. Her mean mare faces turned into sweetness by the end. Good luck looking for a new barn.

  3. Aww, even the mean mare face is sweet! I'm hoping the barn visit is a good one.

  4. LOL, thanks! I don't see her mean mare face too often... but it didn't last long. :)

    Thanks for the well wishes too... I'm hoping I stumble across somewhere nice to move my horses.

  5. haha at Lilly! AJ was prolly like, excuse me?? LOL, hope the visit to the new place goes well! Great pics too!

  6. haha at Lilly! AJ was prolly like, excuse me?? LOL, hope the visit to the new place goes well! Great pics too!

  7. Ahh the mean mare face is all to common to me...

    Hopefully this barn ends up being what your looking for!

  8. Yeah, poor AJ was definitely confused! I think he was surprised by her reaction as I was!

    Thanks again! I hope this barn is perfect too... I wish I hadn't made the appt on Saturday afterall because now I have to wait all that time!!

  9. LOL - what a great "mean mare face!" Good luck in your search.