Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend!  Why do weekend days go by so quickly and work days seem to drag on and on? Oh, and why do squirrels keep running out in front of my truck and STOPPING there?? Then they look up at me with terror in their eyes. I've managed to avoid creaming both of them but the third one might not be so lucky. Hello...  keep running!!

I got some new hay on Friday and it's really nice. It's a fescue/orchard grass mix and it smells delicious. I got 10 bales to try before getting a trailer load and AJ loves it. He also has pure orchard grass hay with some red clover in it, but I just got the fescue. From what I've read, fescue is the least nutritious of the hays, but if AJ will actually eat the fescue with gusto, I think I'm better off with fescue.  Lilly eats anything (oink) and since she's not a broodmare (who would want to pass on those genes anyway?), we should be good.
Of course I have no idea about the value of this particular batch of fescue without having it tested, but I don't think the general difference is great enough to keep feeding the coastal when AJ clearly enjoys the fescue more. Timothy hay is nice but it isn't grown too much around here and has to be shipped in, so the cost is substantially more than the coastal or fescue hay.

AJ has also been banned from the mare pasture as he was enjoying Baby a little too much, if you know what I mean... I don't need him getting kicked. So he's back in with the other geldings. He was very sad today, but it's his own darn fault.

Speaking of Baby, I rode her yesterday morning and she could very easily be my dream horse. She's western pleasure trained and is so much fun to ride! I have to wear spurs, though, and use them or she totally ignores your leg. M kept saying, "Use your spur!!" It feels weird to actually use a spur, and I'm definitely not used to having to put that much leg on a horse. She said I'm welcome to ride her whenever I want and when it's time to start riding Lilly again we can ride together and she'll help me work with Lilly to get her to slow down.

So I have a temporary horse to ride that will spoil me to death. Super! :)


  1. Yay for new pony to ride, and double yay for AJ eating hay! I really think you've had enough bad stuff happen to you. Yes. I am the decider and I decide you're doing with bad stuff. On to good stuff!

  2. I completely agree!! I hope the powers that be know that you're the decider and listen to you! :)

  3. Yay for AJ eating hay! Maybe the last batch just wasn't as tasty, but it's great that he's finally chowing down. That should help get him back up to weight in a hurry.

  4. I scrunched a squirrel once, it still haunts me. Sometimes running isn't enough to save their little hides. Keeping out of the street would work a lot better.

    Most all of our hay here is shipped in. The prices get real scary. Then keeping up with the values makes me crazy.

  5. Although I don't like to hit any animal, I'd sure rather hit a squirrel than that orange kitty I hit a couple of winters ago. :( :(

    Glad AJ is eating the hay!

  6. Durn squirrels, they do the same thing here, I really hate when they dart across, dart back, dart across, etc, and your just like MOVE ALREADY! lol

    LOL at AJ, he just wanted to make sure you knew he isnt THAT old, haha. Glad you get to ride another horsie! She sounds awesome too.

  7. I sure hope so Jen... he is looking better to me already, unless he's just getting more winter hair, but the bones don't seem as prominent.

    Rainbow, unfortunately I've snuffed out the lives of a raccoon, a snake, and a poor little bird. I feel really bad about all of them, but I certainly don't want to add squirrel to the list!

    Aww, I'm sorry Jill. I can't imagine running over a kitty. Sometimes it just can't be helped. :(

    Exactly, BritnieAnn!! I'm trying not to hit them but they're making it a challenge!! I thought I hit the first one but didn't feel a bump... and I saw him run back across the road but he didn't look quite right. Hopefully he was just scared or I got his tail or something.

    AJ is a bad boy!! LOL In fairness to him, I think Baby stays in heat 24/7, so she was probably terrorizing him and he figured he'd give it a try. :)

  8. I'm happy to hear that AJ is liking his new hay - that naughty boy, lol.

    I'm anxious to hear more about Baby. Pictures please! :)

  9. Yeah, I need to get some more pictures of Baby, especially if I'm riding her. :) That's the only time I see her without a blanket!