Sunday, November 14, 2010

Co-op Feels Good!

This morning I officially contributed to the co-op by heading out to the barn to do the morning feeding.  I had been going out every evening since Thursday because of Lilly, but I had to go back to work today so I offered myself up for the morning feeding.  I'm very comfortable with the other two girls but I want to keep an eye on my two at least once per day for a while to make sure all is well.

It feels good to be taking care of my horses.  I was having so much fun this morning doing chores that I cleaned all 4 stalls, dumped all the water buckets, cleaned them, and refilled them.  The barn looks lovely, and the horses are going to be spoiled!  :)

AJ isn't eating much hay in the stall, although he's been eating a little more here lately.  Hopefully he's getting used to being stalled at  night.  He isn't drinking any water in the stall, though.  He goes outside in the morning and drinks and drinks and drinks from the pond... so I know he's thirsty, but he isn't drinking in the stall.  I even gave him two different kinds of buckets in case he liked one more than the other.  I might have to try putting some apple juice or something in his bucket...  I'm assuming he just doesn't like the smell or taste compared to the pond water.  He's also been attacking his grain when I bring him in, so I need to figure out something to do there too.  He will take 2 giant mouthfuls of grain and then eat slowly until the rest of it is gone, but he makes a huge mess with the first 2 bites.

He doesn't keep his stall very clean, and I haven't seen any bedding on his coat, so I don't think he's been laying down, but other than that, he's been doing really well.  I haven't noticed any stiffness when I turn him out, which was my biggest concern.  Baby has been tolerating him in her pasture too.  She'll pin her ears and run at him, but he stands his ground and pins his ears back at her.  So she'll dart off and go back to grazing with Lilly.

Speaking of Lilly, she hasn't shown any other signs of colic.  I'm counting the days until I can start riding her again, which will be two weeks from Wednesday.  I hope we're still having nice weather by then!


  1. I did a co-op situation one time with two friends and I loved it. I liked getting to decide what and how much my horse got to eat without having to consult and potentially argue with a barn owner about it.

  2. If you add plain uniodized table salt to his feed am and pm, it may help him drink more. Glad the coop is going well so far.

  3. So glad things are going well. You deserve a break!

  4. Ahh, AJ. Try different colored pails, try giving him half pond water, try salt, try gatorade (blue color seems to be the yummiest. It's a pain until they figure it out. Just don't need him to colic before he does figure it out.

    The grain thing is a pain, too. We got over it with one horse by feeding him in a grain tub on the floor and only giving him a little at a time, then let him munch on hay in between. It eventually worked.

    The messy stall is just something you deal with. We have three that poop in one spot or along one wall, but Mater churns everything into a mess.

  5. Yankee, it was fun to give whatever I wanted without having to confront the BO. That is the worst part about boarding... now if I want him to have 3 flakes instead of 2, I give him 3!

    Kate, I am giving him a salt supplement because I was worried about him not drinking from the pond when I first turned him out, but you're saying just regular old salt in his feed?

    Thanks, Terry... I couldn't agree more!! :)

    Well, I tried blue and green so far, and then I tried a white 5 gallon pail instead of a bucket. And when I say he isn't drinking any, I mean none. There is no water missing in the morning. He's going to worry me to death! I'll go get some gatorade and see if he likes that.

    I wonder if I gave him a handful or so before the whole amount... let him get the flavor in his mouth so he isn't so desperate to eat if he would eat 'normal' then. Right now it's so deep that he just dives right in.

    Lilly is so 'clean' in her stall that her walls are covered in manure. She backs up as close to the walls as her cheeks will allow. It's so easy to clean her stall!!

    I just hope is isn't not laying down because the stall floor is dirty.

  6. Sounds like you are really happy with the co-op.
    All horses are so different about their stalls, we have some that are so clean, and only poop in one corner or along the back wall, or we have some that just go wherever and we have some that insist on only laying in their poop and they stink so bad.
    I sure hope he starts to drink water. That is worrisome. Can't wait to hear the update.

  7. Oh I'm so happy to hear that Miss Lilly is feeling better ~ Colic is so scary! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying self caring for your horses, I imagine that would be rewarding and also, piece of mind that you know your babies are being well taken care of!

  8. LOL, Paint Girl! Don't you know poop pillows are the best!! Lilly prefers them the night before a show... you know, because she needs her beauty rest. :)

    Thanks, JJ. It is much more rewarding than letting the BO do it, especially since I know they are being fed just the way I want!