Monday, November 29, 2010

Co-ops, Ultrasounds, and AJ!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My time with friends and family went by far too quickly as always, but it was definitely a fun weekend.

One of the girl's participating in the co-op has bailed on us and is putting her horse back on regular pasture board the first of the month. There was also a bit of drama going on between her and M, but that happened after she decided to go back to regular pasture board. Something about someone not cleaning someone's stall... petty things that get in the way of horses being cared for. So now it's just me and M.

I can't feed in the evenings and she can't feed in the mornings, so that means I have to get up early every day from here until eternity to feed the horses.  I have no idea what we're going to do about Christmas because I have plans to be in Michigan for 9 days.

I won't last long on six hours of sleep a night, I can guarantee that. I know there are people who get less than that, but I need a whole eight hours or I get a little bit cranky.

Here is a picture of my mare's leg this morning. Comparing this one to the one I took last week doesn't show much progress in the swelling department. Still no heat and no lameness, but her leg is still very swollen.

Still puffy...
I decided to go ahead and set up an appointment with the alternate veterinary practice to get my second opinion. Of course the vet I want is on vacation until next week... why would she be able to come out this week? So next Tuesday morning she'll be out to take a look at Lilly.

Just for fun, here's AJ enjoying what's left of his breakfast... all that flavor on the tongue must not go to waste!!

"Squeak, squeak, suck, suck..."
It was quite amusing because he drooled all over the floor, blew spit bubbles, made squeaky noises, and continued to suck on his tongue even after I turned him out. That's some good breakfast!

A few of the relatives of the BO were out this weekend and fell in love with him. They just love hugging on him and he is eating up the attention! That's one neat thing about him being on stall board. He gets to interact with people a lot more. When he's on pasture board, he just gets fed by strangers and that's it, aside from the attention he gets from me. People aren't able to meet him and find out what a sweet boy he is. He seems to really be enjoying this whole stall board thing.


  1. AJ is so cute! Crossing my fingers again that everything works out ok :)

  2. Hope the co-op works out - it's hard when you've got so few who are able to work. At our, one other woman and I share the a.m. feeding and we have a hired (very good) woman who brings in and feeds five days a week in the p.m. I know what you mean about never having a day off - I worked like that for almost 5 years before we worked out the job share.

    AJ is adorable - he reminds me of Pie!

  3. Glad to hear you're going to see the other vet - data is good.
    AJ looks adorable.
    Sorry the co-op isn't working out that great right now.

  4. Thanks, ladies! AJ has a personality to match his adorable face. :) I wish I had video capability on my iPhone because this morning would have made a great video!

    M lives very close to the barn, so she said some mornings she'll go over and feed before work, and I can head out later to turn the horses out and clean the stalls. That way I can have a few more hours of sleep. I feel like a whiner, but I don't get to sleep until 2am because of my work schedule. Morning comes quick!

    I'm very much looking forward to the ultrasound. Even if the swelling goes down I'm still going to have her come out and do an evaluation. I really want to get that second opinion.

  5. Oh no on the Co-Op thing. Ugh, I hear ya on the mornings...I think it would be difficult to get up that early EVERY SINGLE morning no matter what to feed/do chores. Hopefully someone else will want to join in on it, or that an alternative solution pops up soon for ya.

    I hope that Lily's swelling goes away soon, I'm sorry about that...I can't imagine how frustrating this must be. :(

  6. Thanks, JJ. I hope someone else joins the co-op too. Supposedly the BO had an ad somewhere, but there hasn't been any interest.

    I'm hoping for answers and more ideas from vet #2 when she comes out next Tuesday. I just hate not knowing if swelling is normal for Lilly now, or if she's not quite healed and needs more time. There's got to be a reason for that swelling, I just don't know what it is.