Monday, November 1, 2010

The Official Countdown!

I'm officially starting my countdown today... in only 4 weeks I can start riding again!  Lilly won't know what to do with herself when it's time to go back to work.

An interesting thing happened yesterday.  I went to the barn around noon to check on Lilly and I had also purchased two salt blocks for AJ (since none are provided for whatever reason...) so I wanted to put those out in his pasture.  When I got there, Lilly was turned out with Baby and Snowflake.  I assumed M turned Lilly out when she turned Baby out...  you know, because I had asked the BO not to turn Lilly out and I know he would never defy my request. 

Eh hem.

Anyway, later that afternoon M called because Lilly was in her stall and Snowflake was in the bottom pasture.  She wanted to know if I wanted her to turn Lilly out for a couple hours.  I was confused because Lilly was already out earlier when I was there. 

M said she hadn't turned Lilly out so that meant the BO did.  Imagine that!

So we speculated that something was going on with the 3 girls and Lilly was banished to her stall while Snowflake got turned out in the other pasture.  Why Snowflake wasn't moved and Lilly left out with Baby is beyond me.

I spoke with the BO about it today and he said Baby was chasing Snowflake around and being mean.  I still don't know why Lilly had to go into her stall, but he actually said, "his horse has priority and she gets to be turned out in the upper pasture before anyone else's horses."

That is definitely the wrong attitude to have when you're running a business.

Snowflake and Lilly were turned out today and the BO forbid me from turning Baby out.  (I've been turning her out for M when I go over in the afternoon)  I called to give M the good news as I was sure she would be thrilled to hear that.  I'm trying to stay out of that drama, but wanted her to know why her horse wouldn't be turned out.  I just want Lilly put back out with AJ so I can stop being so terribly frustrated every day.

Which brings me to my next point...  I have another barn I'm looking into.  The website looks nice and they claim to actually feed the horses grain AND hay.  It's crazy!  ;)  It's $150 more than I'm paying now and about $50 more than if I did co-op, but I figure I'll save that in gas since I won't have to be driving around buying hay and grain.  Plus, I can sleep easy at night and go on vacation without worry!  (I hope...)

I'm planning to visit on Saturday if I can set something up with the owner, and I'm taking M with me!  I just convince myself to stay where I am with everything that keeps happening there, and I don't want to leave her behind! 


  1. Hope you and M have good luck on your barn search - your current situation doesn't sound so good.

  2. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I would absolutely drive into the place and walk around, even if you can't get an appointment. The worst that can happen is that they politely tell you to leave. This is a way to check A) if it's even worth making an appointment to see, B) if anyone is paying attention to the place and will come up and say "Can I help you?" C) the condition of the place and horses when they're NOT expecting a prospective client to stroll in.

    I REALLY REALLY hope you find a better place soon. This guy is a tool.

  3. Gosh with all your barn drama, I feel spoiled. Geez. I just can't imagine Net actually NOT feeding the horses or defying a request of mine reguarding Missy...never in a million years...ever! All my barn drama seems like nothing compared to what you have to go through just to get your horse's basic necessities met! WOW!!! I hope you find that this other place is nice...the current barn doesn't sound all that wonderful! Good luck!

  4. I'm hoping the new place is a winner. Give Lilly a hug for me.

    Do you know what they are asking for the current place (to buy)?

  5. There seems to be a lot of backwards thinking at this barn, Kate. I've decided that the BO just isn't "horsey" so a lot of our requests seem high maintenance and pointless to him.

    I've never done that before, SillyPony... an interesting idea, though. I've already been working on a time with this place, but perhaps I can do that with the next place. Or after I've seen this place once I can drop in and say, "just wanted to see it again".

    That's what I'm saying, Mare! It isn't like I'm asking for crazy things to be done. They all seem like simple requests and things that should go without saying... normal horse care things!

    I'll definitely give Lilly a hug for you, Terry. :) They're asking $599k for the place. Without knowing the area and market too well, I think it's worth it but he hasn't had too much interest. It's been on the market since June and they already dropped the price $70k.

  6. Wowza again. Those hay prices and real estate prices make me really appreciate my frigid WI.

    I'm with Junior's mom - do a drive-by. It's good to see the dirt when they don't think you're looking.

    huh: wv = heated. strange. Heated tempers? Heated indoor riding arena? Can wv's be considered harbingers?

  7. You mean you don't want to move to NC and buy this beautiful property?

    I say heated tempers!! Although, a heated indoor arena would be nice too. :)