Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warm and Snuggly!

I spent all day shopping for co-op goodies. I had to get grain, bedding, a trash can, a scoop, and feed pans. TSC made a killing off me today, but I got everything I needed. Once I had the goodies, I needed to move Baby to a new stall so AJ and Lilly could be next to each other. That required me to strip 3 stalls, put Baby's bedding back in her new stall, then bed Lilly and AJ's stalls. I'm using the Equine Fresh pine pellets (because they are awesome) so it took quite a few bags to get each stall as full as I wanted.

I set up each stall with 2 buckets of fresh water, hay, and grain. All I needed now was to add two cute horses.

I found these two roaming around outside and felt sorry for them:

Hey mom!  Look at all the food in here!

You're kidding right?  He gets to come inside too?
I could not believe how good AJ was. Even though it was dark outside, he walked right into his stall and promptly started eating his grain. He never spun around, never paced, and didn't seem upset at all. I figured I was going to have to shut the bars on the top of the stall but he seemed more content than Lilly. He'd stick his nose through the bars to Lilly's side every now and then, but otherwise he quietly munched his food.

For a little while he was eating the bedding. At first I thought he just dropped some grain and was cleaning it up, but after a few minutes I decided he really was eating pine shavings. Eventually he gave that up and went to the hay, but I was starting to get concerned.

Otherwise it was uneventful. Once M and I got all the shutters closed and the doors shut, it got nice and warm in there. I think he's going to like coming in at night.

I also think I'm just as content as they are. :)

And a Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow veterans. May God bless each and every one of you!


  1. Yay happy horses! I love the picture of Lilly, she really does look surprised.

  2. Sounds like a great new beginning! Your kids will benefit far more than TSC did!


  3. They look comfy cozy. You did good.

  4. Nice pictures - they look happy!

  5. Awww, atleast now you KNOW they are being taken care of and are snug little bugs in their stalls during the night. They both look warm and happy, if I do say so myself...AJ is too cute!

  6. Thanks everyone! I hope they love their new digs. :)