Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SWT Treatment

I'm a terrible blogger because I didn't get any pictures of Lilly's SWT treatment yesterday.  I had my camera in the ultrasound wing of the barn because I figured we'd do it there. Instead, she pulled Lilly out of the stall and did it right there in the aisle.

For the $360 it cost me yesterday, I wasn't impressed. She came out, gave Lilly a little sedative, got set up, and 5 minutes later we were done.  It looked very similar to an ultrasound machine, but the wand on the end was much bigger and it made a very loud 'POP POP POP' sound.  She just ran it over Lilly's bump until she had reached 2000 pulses and that was it.
I asked about treatment after the SWT and what the plan would be, and she said it would depend on what the ultrasound showed.  That would be scheduled about 2 weeks after the last treatment, and if things look ok I can pretty much start riding right away.  If not, well, she didn't want to talk about that unless we had to.  Staying positive! 
I'll definitely be ready next time with the camera so I can document some of the procedure.

One down, two to go!

It has been cold, cold, cold here!! We had a wind chill advisory last night and this morning it was only 21 degrees! I know that's balmy compared to the weather some of you are having, but darn it, I live in North Carolina!! We don't usually have temperatures this cold for this long, and certainly not in December.

I'm ready for milder temperatures... I'm sure they'll come just in time for me to drive up north to Michigan for Christmas.


  1. Let's hope you're impressed with the results, even if you weren't impressed with the proceedure. Best of luck to you and Lilly.
    I think we have your weather, and you have ours. We were 65 today, and no, you can't have it back.

  2. Thanks, Terry. My vet is very excited about the procedure, so I'm hopeful 5 minutes of zapping her leg will work miracles!

    That's MY weather and I want it back! I guess I'm going to have to drive up there and take it! LOL

  3. Ouch. That's spendy, as we say here in Wisconsin. I hope it works for ya.

    I'll trade ya that 21 for the 1.8 we had this morning. Still diggin out from that storm.

  4. So if she sedated her does that mean she is worried the procedure causes pain/discomfort?? Just curious why she sedated her if she didn't for the ultrasound.

    Fingers are crossed this works and you'll be showing next season!!

  5. Spendy indeed, Cedar! And I get two more of those in the next 4 weeks. She's going to put me in the poor house!!

    Umm... nah! I suppose I'll keep my 21 degrees, unless Terry decides to trade with me. :)

    Double A, she said it tends to be uncomfortable for the horse. Not so much painful, but I guess it can hurt a little bit, and the popping sound makes them nervous.

  6. Im hoping that it works for poor Lilly. :)