Friday, December 10, 2010

Time Out!

I've been a day behind since Wednesday and I thought today was Thursday.  It's actually Friday, and I had made an appointment to pick up some hay at 11:30 this morning.  Luckily I remembered in time, but I was quite rushed at the barn this morning and hadn't taken anything out of my horse trailer yet.  It still had shavings in it, carts and carriers, tubs, fans, and hay bags.  I had to hook the trailer up to my truck too!

I had to quickly turn Baby and AJ out before I left and decided to turn AJ out first.  When Baby goes out first she's quite a brat at the gate when I try to turn AJ out.  (We decided to try them together again so Baby didn't have to be outside all by herself while Lilly rests...)  Even if she's wandered out into the pasture she'll run over to the gate when she sees AJ and then turn her butt to us at the gate.  Not ok...  turning him out first seemed to remedy that particular issue, but seemed to cause another.

Miss Lilly was NOT happy...  she's been in the stall since Tuesday, so there have been 3 other mornings where the horses were turned out and she was left behind.  She was perfectly ok with that.  Today, not so much.  She was being such a pill that I had to pull her out of the stall and put her in the cross ties so I could clean her stall.  She was whinnying and pawing like a lunatic.  Of course she stopped all of it when I peeked my head into the wash bay...  "It wasn't me mom...  it was that other horse over there.  I would never break the rules like that!"  When I put her back in the stall she stood over at her window and pawed and pawed and pawed. 

So I fixed her little red wagon...  I shut her window and I shut the bars on the stall door.  "You're in time out!" I yelled before I left to go get hay...  I don't think she cared.  She was busy trying to find a way to see out the window with the door closed. 

When I got back she was doing much better.  I opened the window and the bars on the stall door and she definitely looked, but the demon in her had moved on.  I don't know if she was just having a bad day or if the change in turnout was just too much for her to handle.

I absolutely cannot stand a pawing horse...  unfortunately, mine does it a lot.  But only when I can't get to her to correct the behavior.  Little brat!


  1. Pawing is one of the things I can't stand! I'll admit that I thought it was funny when Missy was pawing in the snow, but aside from that moment of weakness, I can't stand it. WE have a horse who, every time he's left in and other horses are out, stands at his door and paws and kicks his door repeatedly in the process. Drives me crazy and makes my ears bleed!

  2. Poor poor Lilly! The Princess didn't like that one bit!

  3. Pawing in the snow for fun is kind of cute, but what Lilly was doing yesterday was not cute! LOL

    How dare I disturb her perfect world! :)