Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Spoiled Ponies!

It was a nasty day today.  The temps are in the low 30's and it's raining...  I believe it was snowing when I first arrived at the barn but that only lasted for a short time.  Lilly is on stall rest, of course, so I didn't have to worry about turning her out, but I wasn't sure what to do with AJ.  He's used to being outside and he has his fancy new blanket, so I decided to go ahead and turn him out.  Baby stayed in today so I put AJ back in the gelding pasture.  He walked down to the pond to get a drink of water and then walked back up to the gate and stared at me. 

I went about my routine cleaning stalls and getting everything set up for tonight and decided I'd throw Lilly in the small paddock out front so she could get some fresh air and stretch her legs.  Stretch her legs is exactly what she did...  It started raining harder shortly after I let her go so I went back out to get her. She decided she wasn't going back in her stall and there was nothing I could do about it.  She took off running...  and she ran and ran and ran...  and if I even looked her way she ran some more.  Wondering when she was going to slip and break a leg, I decided to go back in the barn and leave her out there and let her do her thing.  After a few minutes I went back out to try again and she took off, so I tried to herd her into the corner but that wasn't working either.

AJ was still standing at the gate watching all of this transpire.

I finally caught the little brat after screaming at her to STAND and threw her back in the stall.  REST, LILLY!!  REST!!  So I guess if I take her out I'll be walking her by hand from now on.

I left to go to Tractor Supply and pick up a few things.  When I returned AJ was still standing at the gate and he looked as pitiful as he possibly could.  I spoke to him asking if he wanted to come back inside and he let out this whiny, squeaky, little whinny.  It was the saddest thing I'd ever heard!!  So I put some of the new bedding in his stall and went to get him.  I opened the gate and let him out, figuring he'd grab some grass while I latched the gate, but instead he walked himself into the barn and went right into his stall.

My rough and tumble pasture pony has turned into a high maintenance stall pony!!


  1. Hahah! Milo gives me the most pitiful looks if hes out in the rain. He seriously will stand in his shelter all day long waiting for the rain to go away.

    Lilly's running wont effect her tendon will it?

  2. Those sad faces make me melt!! :)

    She's done far worse in the pasture over the past few months but the vet did want her quiet so things didn't get any worse in there. Luckily she hasn't started the SWT yet... that's Monday, so I'll have to make sure she's only walking after we start that.

    I think for the rest of her life whenever I see her acting a fool I'll be terrified that she's going to do something to that ligament.

  3. I think AJ is starting to like being an 'inside' pony!!! And silly Lilly, I think shes just feeling too good, and doesnt think that her leg hurts :)

  4. Geez, that Lilly! Is she trying to make you nuts?!? And AJ sounds like a smart guy to me. Now if you could just move that pond into his stall...