Thursday, January 13, 2011

And Now We Wait

Lilly got her last dose of shock wave today!! 

It's a good thing too, because she is tired of being in that dang stall.  I took her for a walk this morning while I waited for the vet and she was FIRED UP.  Ever seen a Paint mare do the capriole?  Bad pony!

Anywho...  I asked the vet what she thought about Lilly's leg and wanted her to humor my OCD and explore possible options for her depending on what we find on the 27th when we do the ultrasound.  She said from the looks of it, she'd be surprised if it isn't already at 100%, and if it isn't, she bets it will be in two weeks.  She's absolutely certain there has been improvement but if it isn't quite where it needs to be, one more month of stall rest might be necessary.  She's very optimistic, though, and doesn't think she'll need more treatment or rest.  She wouldn't even entertain my questions about finding no progress.  :)


I'm trying to control my emotions, though, so this roller coaster doesn't jump the tracks, crash, and burn yet again.

In other news, M is fed up with our current boarding situation.  Well, we've been fed up for a while, but with this recent ice storm, she's at her wits' end.  Even though we've taken our horses out of the equation, she really gets worked up when she sees him doing (or not doing) certain things with the other horses there.  With the incoming rate increases, we've decided we're going to be out of there by March 1st. 

I found another promising barn and spoke with the lady today.  She's on her way to Florida so I'm unable to visit the barn until Sunday, but we talked quite a bit on the phone.  I had emailed her earlier this week and never got a response so I decided to call.  I hate calling people, but I was desperate. 

Have you ever called someone about an ad and there is a lot of dead, uncomfortable silence and awkward questions?

Them:  "Hello?"
Me:  "Hello...  is this Pam?"
Them:  "Yes..."
Me:  "Hi, my name is Becca and I was calling about your horse boarding ad on Craigslist..."
Them:  "OK..."

. . . . . . . . . . . Silence . . . . . . . . . . .

Me:  "Um, yeah, I have two horses I'm looking to move and wanted to get a little more information about your farm."
Them:  "Ok..."

. . . . . . . . . . . Silence . . . . . . . . . . .

Me:  "Um, could you tell me about the property and what you offer?"
Them:  "Like what specifically?"

SELL ME ON YOUR FARM, LADY!!  Sheesh, it's no wonder you're looking for boarders.

That's why I prefer email...  luckily, this lady was very nice on the phone and asked a lot of questions about my horses.  We chatted about feed, hay, facilities, horse shows, trainers, and trailers.  She keeps round bales in the pastures at all times, feeds beet pulp twice a day, and will feed whatever grain your horse needs to stay fat and happy.  All the pastures have wood fencing (a must have for M because she lost a mare once because of t-post fencing) and run-in sheds.  They also have an arena with lights, a round pen, and a dressage ring. 

You know the best part?  NO TRAILER PARKING FEE!!  :)    

I'm still considering the other place as well in case this one doesn't work out.  Hopefully it will be this one, though, because it's only 10 minutes from my house, which would be awesome!  M is going to go with me on Sunday to check the place out.  The lady who owns the place shows Morgans and Arabs at most of the circuits I show, so it would be nice to have a few more people to hang out and show with.  She also does carriage driving with some of her horses, so Lilly may freak out about that.  LOL

I'm also thrilled that M and I have become such good friends.  The fact that we're looking for a place we both like so we can stay together is something I haven't had in quite a while.  She's really got the show bug too, so hopefully we'll be attending a lot of shows this year with TWO Paint mares.  :)


  1. Sounds like very good news about Lilly. And hoping the boarding thing works out well for you.

  2. Well I sure hope everything works out for you soon. Keep your spirits up, this hell can't last forever, right?


  3. Yay Lilly!

    I also hate calling people - and I've had Those Conversations so many times. It's usually a craigslist ad too! Fingers crossed for the new place...

  4. Good news all around! YAY Lilly! Have you explained to her that if she gets better she gets to play? :)
    The new barn sounds like a promising one. You'd be amazed how quickly horses get used to seeing carraige driving. Paj used to freak, now he doesn't even bother to look when we drive Boomer.

  5. I know exactly what kind of phone conversation you're referring to. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Ugh. Glad this call went well.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm cautiously optimistic but really, really excited. I've got all my paperwork ready to go for the show circuits, but I'm holding off just in case. I really want to mail those!

    I'm definitely ready for this hell to be over, SillyPony, and I know Lilly is too. She feels like she's been in hell for 14 months!

    I've been getting my hay from a guy on craigslist and those calls are always the same way too. It drives me crazy... must be something with craigslist. :)

    Well that's good to know, Terry. I have a bad feeling about her and the carriages. She's seen them before at a show and did ok, but one year when I was trail riding she FREAKED out at a pair of draft horses pulling a wagon. I can only imagine what she's thinking in that little brain of hers. LOL I even have a post about that weekend... not fun.

    Hopefully she'll get used to seeing them fairly quickly!

  7. Oh yeah!! Two yeahs! About Lilly and the possible new place. I can't wait to hear about yall getting out of the current farm, that guys is such a weirdo!! Let us know how it goes Sunday!

  8. So happy to hear about Lilly! That is excellent news!
    The new barn sounds wonderful! I sure hope it works out!!

  9. Yay for good news! I sure hope Lilly gets out of jail soon and can play in the field again!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog too, it's been a roller coaster that's for sure!

  10. My fingers are crossed that lilly's treatment has fixed her poor let. It definitely sounds very very promising, but I don't blame you for being too optimistic just yet ;) Soon, though, soon...I'll save my congrats for then!

    I hope that this new barn works out well for you; I think it's awesome that you've become such great friends with M. Now you have a partner in crime. I so know what you mean about calling people too...ha ha's totally awkward!

  11. Oh no the hunt for a new barn is on again? That really sucks. Im so glad that lilly is feeling better again though!!

  12. Thanks again!! With all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers, it's bound to be good news on the 27th!!

    Unfortunately, the barn hunt has never stopped... I just have to wait until new situations open up before I can go be disappointed! :)