Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Frustrations!

I decided to draft an email to the BO about my departure. This accomplishes two things; first, it allows me to be a chicken and hide behind my computer screen while breaking the news, and second, it gets everything in "writing" just in case.

I drafted the email yesterday and thought about what I wanted to say. I'm not one to burn bridges, although there's plenty I'd like to say. Depending on how he takes the news, I may have a chance to share those thoughts with him at a later date. I decided instead to simply state that things weren't working out and I found a place that is more in line with my needs and the needs of my horses.

I spoke with M today, who is a little less tactful than I, and I think her email was much different than mine... the way I look at it, we've got at least 2 more weeks over there and I'm not trying to rock the boat! She can't help herself, though.

This morning when I went to feed I was feeling a little sad... it's such a nice place and I really wanted it to work out. That gorgeous arena that I never got to use (except for lameness exams) will be sorely missed! It's too bad the care isn't up to par.

As I was leaving I looked over at my horse trailer. I like to check on it and make sure all is well and while I was looking I suddenly noticed that it had been moved. Not moved a lot, but it looked like the nose had been slid over. M's trailer is parked next to mine and she had her nose parked at one angle, and I had mine at another. We did that on purpose because her trailer is being used for hay storage and it makes it easy to get the hay. She has a ginormous 27 foot trailer, so there's only a few ways to park that sucker. Now they're so close together, and at the same angle, that it's impossible to get to the hay! You'd have to see how they're parked to really understand my gripe, but the trailers back up to and border giant rocks and now there's no way to get my truck next to her trailer to load it up with hay.

Aside from being furious about the hay part of the situation, I didn't move my trailer which means HE MOVED MY TRAILER. He didn't ask my permission, and I have a Gooslock on my hitch so no one can hook up to it, steal it, or MOVE it. So how did he move the trailer? After a little investigation into the tire tracks around the nose of my trailer, I determined that he used his skid steer...


He must have used it to lift up the nose of the trailer and scoot it over. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I am LIVID about this. It really gets under my skin when people mess with my stuff... especially things that cost as much as that trailer did. Needless to say, I didn't feel bad about hitting the "send" button when I got home from the barn.

So speaking of moving, I'm fairly certain I'm going to move AJ to the other barn. I'll give it a try and see how it works, and if it gets to be a hassle I can always move him in with Lilly. The BO of the barn Lilly is going to plans to move his 4 horses closer to his house (which is in another area of the property) this fall because they're taking up most of the pasture board spots. I can put a hold on one of those spots and then once the new pasture is built and his horses are moved, I can move AJ.

I still don't know for sure when I'll be moving my horses, but I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. I feel your frustrations with the barn - it's just a buildup of things and then there's that ONE that just ends it all in a rush. For me it was finding nightshade in a round bale that my horse was eating from. You know what the BO did? Moved the round bale to another pasture.

    I spent that entire afternoon/evening making calls to barns in the area, and moved my boys the next day. I figured the barn could keep their deposit, it wasn't risking my horses.

  2. The last straw at my old boarding barn was water. There was no water one morning. When I went up to the office, they told me that the water would be back on soon - they had to take a different check to the water company!!! Which told me that they were in very bad finances, and must have bounced more than one check. We were out of there! Can you imagine running a 100+ horse barn and getting in so deep they turn your water off? Crazy!

  3. It's so hard to find a good barn with good care. Our horse colicked at one barn and when I started checking in the morning i found they were routinely going without water. Needless to say we moved.

  4. The new barn looks really nice. I am sure you can't wait for the day to get your horses out of the old place!
    I can't believe the nerve of the BO moving your trailer, I would be so flippin' mad!

  5. Time to build! Bad stable owners led me to where I am today...I guess I owe them a thank you:

    "Thank You crummy barn owners for making my dreams come true. Your barns suck and mine is just how I want it."

    Sure, I'm up at 4:30am to feed them, but I'm not complaining!

  6. Oh no he didn't!!??!! Oh my gosh, I don't blame you for being po'd at your trailer being moved without your permission. I wonder why on earth he felt that he needed to move it in the first place?

    I'm sorry that you have to leave such a nice barn...I truly hope your move goes smoothly and that both of the new barns work out perfectly.

  7. That's just petty.

    I think I forgot to finish my comment on your last post-LOL.

    I have had to board horses separately in the past and didn't really find it all that inconvenient. It may actually be more fun for you because you can focus on Lilly at one barn and AJ at the other.

    I sure hope this all works out for you and M. It's about time you get to just enjoy spending time with the horses and not have to be stressing over this care thing all the time. It really takes the fun out of it.

  8. Thanks everyone!!

    Jenj, I think that's what this one... I reached my limit a long time ago and this trailer thing was just the incident that sent me over the edge.

    Terry, water is a pretty important thing to have at a horse farm!! Wow, that says a lot about that place for sure!

    Wow, Carol... providing water is basic care! If they can't provide that, they've got issues for sure!

    PaintGirl, I think I'm moving them on the 29th... I'm counting the days!!

    Cedar, don't I wish!! M is looking for property and I told her to make sure she has room for 3 because I'm coming too!! Umm... 4:30 AM? I've only been in bed for 2 hours at that time of morning!

    JJ, it's his farm and he'll do what he wants. That's his motto, so that would most likely be the reason he gives for moving my trailer.

    You think I'm being petty, Cowgirl? Perhaps... I suppose in the grand scheme of things this is small potatoes, but he's done so much other stuff that this sent me over the edge! Not to mention he's made getting my hay extremely difficult.

    I agree with you about the one on one time... that's what I was thinking too. If I'm at AJ's barn, I'm there to spend time with AJ and he doesn't have to compete with Lilly for attention.

    I just hope it all works out! I'm tired of worrying about everything!

  9. OMG moving my trailer would have had me out of there as soon as the other barn had an opening! So glad you are getting AJ and Lilly out of there before somthing stupid happens to them!