Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Barns are Great!

M and I met at the barn on Saturday morning to finish packing and get our horses moved. I decided it would be a good idea to get Lilly out in a familiar area for a bit before turning her out in a new environment cold turkey.  Since AJ is the most calm of the 3 horses, I put him outside and then turned Lilly out in the pasture. I was hoping he wouldn't get her going and would instead stand there and watch her act like a goober.

He did just what I asked.

Lilly, on the other hand, did the opposite of what I told her to do. She LOVES to buck... I could probably have sold her to a rodeo back in the day and she'd be a famous bronc by now. She'll buck so high that she's pretty much vertical in the air. This is one of the more mild bucks I got with my camera, but also the least offensive to Lilly's marehood... lol (I always get her from the back)  If she's trying to impress me by showing off it's not working.

Bad pony!
She ran around in a circle bucking, and bucking, and bucking... then she bucked some more. Then she decided to RUN all the way down to the opposite end of the pasture as if to say, "you'll never catch me!!"

I'm free!!
After goofing off for about 5 minutes, she calmed down and walked over to hang out with AJ. Then I turned Baby out and they all went over to the round bale for a post breakfast snack.

I don't have anywhere small to turn her out. I didn't at the old place and I knew there wasn't anywhere at the new place either.  What happened when I turned her out is inevitable. I know that for a fact because I've done it 3 other times before this, and even a small area really doesn't keep her calm. It actually makes me more nervous because she'll do the same things, just in a smaller area.  So I let her do her thing and hoped she didn't kill herself in the process.

She's a very active horse. She doesn't walk from one place to another, she runs. She doesn't mosey on up for dinner, she runs. She just enjoys running around in the pasture. She always has.

Her ligament is going to take a beating no matter what I do, so while I'm still trying to be very careful with her, I'm also being realistic.

Once we were sure the horses were content, we went to hook up the trailers. The hay had been transferred to my trailer so we could use M's 3 horse to haul all the horses at once. Her trailer is ginormous and weighs about 8 million pounds so there's no cranking that sucker without the electric jack, which requires what? You guessed it! Electricity! Since the BO decided to move the trailers around without our permission for no apparent reason at all, the 3 extension cords we used to plug her trailer up no longer reached. After snooping around all the outbuildings and wasting about a half hour, we finally found one.

After raising the trailer up as high as it would go, it became quite clear that her truck was not going to fit under the nose of the gooseneck. So not only did he move the trailer too far from the electric outlets, but he dropped it in a hole. The only solution we could come up with was to drop her trailer on my truck (which is only a half ton and sits quite lower). Even using my truck we had to do a little scraping and pushing to get the nose on the ball...

If my truck had a voice, it would have been screaming in pain... but it was only for a few short minutes and we went as quickly as we could. We were able to get quite a few objects under the jack which lifted the nose just enough to get her truck underneath.

All 3 horses loaded up like champs and we were off!

A few short minutes later (and after stopping for a biscuit), we finally arrived here:

Home sweet home!
The horses were happy to get off the trailer and into their new pasture. AJ couldn't wait to roll, and Lilly couldn't wait to run around and check things out. Baby just followed not sure about what she wanted to do.

Their pasture is quite nice and has an automatic waterer, which will require me to keep a close eye on AJ since he seems to love pond water so much... Lilly and Baby drank shortly after arriving, but AJ did not. They have a nice 3 sided shelter and will stay together for the first couple of days, then AJ will be split off and put into the gelding pasture with 4 other geldings. I decided to stall board him for the first few days while he's pastured with the girls but then he'll go to pasture board. All but AJ and one other gelding come in at night, so he'll have a friend to keep him company at night and less chance of being run off from his food.

Here are some pictures of the new place:

Individual lockers with keys to lock them up.

Back side of the barn and part of the arena.

Look, they feed hay!

Barn aisle and a sweet pony.

Lilly's stall.
I didn't ride yesterday afternoon, but I went over this morning to check on things and take Lilly for our first ride in over 4 months. Before taking her to the arena, I gave her a much needed makeover. She got a haircut, a shave (face and legs), and a mane and tail conditioning.

Doesn't she look excited?? :)

Ready for our ride!
She was actually a bit of a brat today... her only concern was where Baby was. Baby was also concerned with Lilly, so they screamed to each other over and over again. I'm sure it'll pass in a few days when they're both more comfortable with the environment. Right?

She was good in the arena, though, once we got going. She did VERY well for her first ride in so long... we did lots of stretches and circles and I don't think she forgot a thing! :)

We had sunshine and upper 60's today for weather, so it was a wonderful day spent with my wonderful pony at our wonderful new home.


  1. How exciting! I hope this place turns out to be as wonderful as it looks!

  2. I am very jealous of your weather. We had a heat wave of 35 degrees, ourselves.

    New barn looks great! Here's to it staying that way!!!

  3. I think Lilly looks very excited! Glad the move is over for you.

  4. Awesome! Maybe Lilly is glad to get back to work?

    I like your attitude. You seem to know Lilly very well and you can only protect them so much. I see my youngsters doing things sometimes and I just have to grit my teeth and hope like heck nothing bad or freaky happens.

  5. Yay! So glad you got safely moved. The new place is really nice. I love those lockers.

  6. Yay! Nice buck on that lil pony :)

  7. That is so exciting! I bet you are so happy that they are in a new place and it looks wonderful!

  8. I just caught up on your blog, what a NICE looking place...and great looking mare! :) How nice it must've felt to be back on her back, eh? How exciting!

  9. That's awesome! The new place looks wonderful and I'm so happy that you finally got to ride Lilly!

  10. Thanks everyone! I love the barn so far and things are going well. The horses are happy and being fed, and that's worth a lot!

    M said she saw AJ drinking out of the waterer in the pasture, so now I'm feeling even better!

    Cowgirls, that's all you can do! Keeping her locked up isn't going to be a good situation either... I've had her for 11 years and while I'm going to do everything in my power to keep her safe, sometimes you just have to let them be horses.


  11. Looks like a very nice facility. Glad the move went safely.