Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not a Bad Start

Lilly's diarrhea was much better today. Dare I say it's gone? No, probably shouldn't do that...

She still looks half asleep, but she's better than she has been and she gobbled up her breakfast this morning. Hopefully by Monday we'll be where we should be!

She was a really good girl on our walk today. The barn has a really long "driveway" that's actually a road, but no one drives on it except for those who live on the lane. It's great for taking walks because it's flat and has good footing. There's grass to snack on along the edges too, which is Lilly's favorite part. She was quite relaxed and even though the other horses called to her she just kept walking. Once we got back to the barn, I put her in the cross ties to clean her stall and she stood quiet as a mouse.

I took AJ and Baby outside and she whinnied about 3 times, pawed a little bit, and then settled in and started eating her hay.

That's how my sweet baby usually acts! :) I still can't open her window, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

I tried to get a good picture of AJ with his blanket off but it was impossible... my iPhone must look very similar to cookies because he insisted on following me around trying to eat it. Outside the pasture was the best I could do!

Looking better!
He still looks a bit ribby but I think his topline and hind end look MUCH better than they did before.  Surprisingly, the BO put a round bale in the pasture, so AJ and Baby have free hay to snack on during the day.  That'll save me some hay!  Only my horses and M's horse use that pasture, and feed of any kind isn't included in our co-op board, so I'm not sure why we get a round bale, but I'm not going to complain...  in fact I made sure to say thanks!

Not a bad way to start 2011!


  1. thats awesome! Lets cross our fingers for a lucky 2011!

  2. I'm so glad things are going better with Lilly, and AJ looks darn good! Yay!

  3. I'm glad that Lilly is feeling better! Denali was given Reserpine and she had a HORRIBLE reaction to it. HORRIBLE! Then I almost killed her by giving her some warm bran mash that caused her to colic. Horse mom fail.

    Let's make 2011 the year of the sound horse!

    Fingers crossed for you!! (and toes for me!)

  4. Oh! And I wanted to say that with the Reserpine (which has a similar affect as Sedivet, or so I heard) Denali was DRUGGED for 3-4 days and then was totally fine, much clamer, but no exploding. :) Good luck!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm thrilled to say the least!!

    And Denali, I completely agree! I think we've been through enough in 2010 to last us a lifetime! I sure hope 2011 is better to our horses!

    I heard some interesting things about Reserpine so I was glad when my vet said Sedivet, but now I'm not so sure I like either of them! Lilly seems better today, so hopefully she's over the 3-4 day hump you speak of.

  6. You poor thing, you've had a horrible week! Glad she's doing better, and I hope 2011 treats you better.

  7. 2011 is looking better already! Glad to see that both of them are improving.

  8. I'm glad to read that Lilly's feeling a bit better, poor girl :(

    AJ looks so good! He is a handsome boy :)