Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

Shortly after I arrived at the barn today my farrier showed up. He was scheduled for tomorrow but got a bit confused and came out today. He said, "Want me to leave and come back tomorrow?" No way! Being able to find out TWO things in one day... that's a dream come true! I figured if my vet wanted something different done with her hoof he could come back out and fix it tomorrow.

He put my mind at ease regarding the crack and the hole after explaining a bit about how the hoof functions and what happens during an abscess. He said he sees these kinds of things all the time and it's usually not a big deal. (Anytime they say "usually" I get nervous...) I bet most of those horses don't have ligament injuries on the opposite leg, which is where most of my concern comes from.

He used his handy dandy hoof knife to cut off the parts of the hoof that were weak and no longer attached. Most of it was still pretty strong and he thinks the rest of it will grow out just fine, even if it does take forever!

He also thought bar shoes would be a good idea, and stressed the NEED for bell boots while she wears those. She has a habit of stepping all over herself even when she's in the stall, so once she gets to go back outside I'll have to keep a close eye on her. I don't need her stepping on these...

Here are some after shots:

The hole...

The heel...
About 20 minutes after my farrier left the vet arrived. Everyone got set up and we got busy with the ultrasound.

My vet said everything looked fantastic and she didn't see any mottled areas on the ICL and nothing on the DDFT either. So she was diagnosed as being officially healed!!


I asked some questions about exactly how healed she is and what I can expect in the future.  She said there's always a chance for her to reinjure the leg because of the injury and also because of the amount of scar tissue she has in her leg.  So she advised me to be cautious, but said I didn't need to be super careful. 

Ideally she'd like her turned out in a small paddock for a couple weeks but I don't have that luxury. At the new place there's a round pen but I'm not sure how often it's used and I don't want Lilly to be in the way of anyone. Hopefully if she's out with AJ and Baby she'll stay relatively calm, even if she has to burn off a bit of energy first.

AND, the best part is that I get to start riding! She gave me a rough timeline for bringing her back into full work and we're looking at about 4 weeks before I can really start cantering. The first show is March 5th (am I getting ahead of myself?) and I'd like to take her even if we only do showmanship and walk trot classes.

I plan to keep her on the tendon supplement and might put her back on something for her hooves to see if I can get that giant crater to grow out more quickly.

I'm in a happy place today. :)


  1. YAY!!!

    Im in a happy place today with Milo's abscess blown!!

    HOORAY! And AWESOMENESS to get to start riding soon!

  2. Yes!!! Happy dance! That's just wonderful news, Becca.

  3. Very good news - that abscess should grow out just fine.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :) I hope now she'll stay sound once we start riding again... all indications say she will, so fingers crossed!!


    I am SO HAPPY for you! That's just the news you've been waiting to hear for far too long!!!

    So when is your first ride? :)

  6. Yay! Riding!!

    Well, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I think I'll hold off until after the big move on Saturday. M and I talked about going out for a nice trail ride. :)

  7. Yay! Yay! Yay!!!! Wonderful good news!!!

  8. That IS great news! Hoping for continued healing:)

  9. Total awesomeness!!!!

    I like your farrier's thinking. So did he leave Lilly's heels floating a little in the bar shoe to encourage them to come back under her again?

    Those bar shoes and bringing those heels back under her should also help her tendons and ligaments as they won't have as much strain put on them.

    Yay for being able to ride again as soon as you get moved!!!

  10. Thanks again, everyone! It's a great feeling to know we have so much support! I'm sure your good thoughts and well wishes made a hefty contribution to her recovery! :)

    Cowgirls, regarding "floating" her heels, I'm not familiar with what that means. I did some research, and it looks like that's where my farrier would have put nails only at the toe of the shoe and not on the sides? That way her heels can "float" on the back of the shoe?

    I'll have to check the shoes closer tomorrow, but I know he was limited on where he could nail the shoe, at least on the inside of her abscess hoof, but he didn't mention doing anything specifically for her heels.

    I might decide to keep her in the bar shoes for a bit if this can help her heels. She's pretty low back there...

  11. I'm sorry, I should have looked at the pictures closer and I totally used the wrong terminology. My bad!

    'Floating' refers to leaving the slightest bit of gap between the shoe and the hoof to allow the hoof to drop to pressure. That is what my farrier had to do to Turk to get his damaged heel to drop.

    Your farrier is using the bar shoes to give Lilly more contact area, which will encourage her feet to spread. A hoof will grow to pressure, so by giving Lilly more support around her rear quarter and heel area, that should encourage those areas to spread out.

    It's a good thing, what he's done. As you can see from all of the exposed shoe, Lilly has quite a bit of contraction going on and a forward migrating heel (which can be a completely natural growth pattern). Bringing that heel back and giving her a bigger 'stance' should really help her tendons and ligaments in the long run.

    Aaaandddd, now I feel like an ass, because that is what I meant to ask the first time and my brain locked onto the reason why my farrier put bar shoes on Turk. Same shoe...different problems.

    Okay, I'm going to shut up now because I'm just blathering.


    Becca, did you see this post? Her horse's hoof might look like Lilly's in 6 months.

  13. Good news all around! Now that's my kind of day.

  14. Glad to hear it's good news all around :)

  15. Thanks Cowgirls... I love having this blog because I learn so much from all of you! Sounds like something I might need to consider in the future until we get her heels where they need to be.

    Terry, I visited her blog and left her a comment. Her situation looks just like Lilly's! Hopefully I can help put her mind at ease. :)

    Thanks again everyone!!