Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Better Pictures

One of the veterinary students at the college boards her horse where I'm currently boarding. She was at the barn yesterday and we were chatting about abscesses and hoof issues and I decided to show her the hole Lilly has in her hoof. She suggested some craziness (a hoof knife and a Dremel) because that's how she fixed a similar issue she had with her horse, but I politely declined and told her I was waiting for my vet and farrier.

I took my real camera to the barn today to get a better picture of her hoof.

I'm glad the vet is coming on Thursday because after I hosed off her hoof, I noticed just how big the crack is... the dirt was hiding most of it. I'm worried that as it grows out, it might end up breaking off because of the weight being put on the crack. I don't need any other issues on the leg opposite of her trouble leg!

Since I had the camera, I took a couple pictures of her ligament too. This time I decided to take a picture of both legs to compare.

Injured leg on the left, and normal leg on the right.
So there's still quite a bit of "something" in there compared to the other leg, but the progress has been quite good considering where we came from. I don't expect it will ever look normal again, and this might be as good as things get.

But how can you not fall in love with this face?!
Two more days until the ultrasound!!


  1. My hoof knowledge is SO limited, so this is just an observation. It looks like there is a definant line right by where the absess is. I don't know if that makes any sense. Like something major changed in her diet or something else. Maybe this is the time she went on stall rest. Again, I know NOTHING, just observation

  2. Those type of abscesses do look ugly, but luckily they rarely get infected. It's likely the vet will just tell you to leave it alone and let it grow out (which will take a long time).

  3. Kate is right. They look like hell, but they aren't serious.

    The thing that happened with my paint gelding is his injured hoof and leg ended up in better shape than his uninjured one. I think they start to have issues due to the extra weight they bear on that limb.

    THANK YOU! for declining the other boarder's suggestion. OMG!...Sadly, I'm curious what she thought she accomplished?

  4. Sometimes vets should stick with small animals... I would guess that she wanted to file down the ridges... however if there is something going on other than dirt, thats not a road I would want to go down...

    I also think that its going to be ok as it grows out. Is she on a good hoof supplement? And your farrier may be able to put on some 'plastic' to hold it together if it does get any more serious. Lucas had some on this winter, to help hold on the special shoes and it was great and didnt effect his hoof wall when it was time for it to come off.

    PS - shes very cute! I hope you get good news for the ultrasound, you're due for some!

  5. Love the last pic. It's been a while since I've seen Lilly's sweet face.

  6. PS - the dremel is not unheard of for hooves. I wouldn't let anybody but my vet use one, but years ago Paj threw a shoe along with a lot of hoof. Dr. Gary used a dremel to get to solid hoof, and then built up the hoof with acrylic.

  7. good luck with your ultrasound. i do not envy you...the farrier will know exactly what is going on...and yes, your 'pony' is very sweet!

  8. Fingers crossed on the ultrasound!

  9. I appreciate the encouragement everyone... I'm worried about all kinds of different things and was not looking forward to having another issue to worry about. Sounds like it should be nothing. Crossing my fingers!

    Lilly has had PVC feet before, so tools have been used on her feet in the past, but I think this girl was talking about drilling out the hole. I just don't think that's a good idea... unless my vet/farrier say it is and then I let them have at.

    She hasn't been on a hoof supplement in quite a while. I took her off it when she went on stall rest and my farrier thought her feet were growing in better once she wasn't getting it.

    I just don't know! LOL Good thing she's so cute! :)