Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

We've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Denali's Mom over at Green N' Green = Black N' Blue . A big thank you from me and Lilly!

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

I'll start by sharing 7 things about myself...
1. I am a huge football fan, both college and professional. During football season my life revolves around the Steelers' schedule.
2. I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years. It was the most challenging thing I've ever done, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
3. I'm a bit of a geek. I work in IT and spend way too much time on the computer. I'm also one of the 12 million people playing the largest MMORPG ever, World of Warcraft.
4. My favorite food is tomatoes. If I could survive on nothing but tomatoes, I would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get sick of them. Ever.
5. I have a black thumb when it comes to growing vegetables. I can grow flowers no problem, but veggies? Forget it. Fresh tomatoes sure would be nice, though!
6. I love scrapbooking. I'm way behind on my books because I've been so busy with the horses (thanks, Lilly!), but I really enjoy working with crafty items like scissors, paper, glue, and stickers.
7. I am a crime TV nut. I especially enjoy the real life murder stories on ID and truTV even at bedtime. Somehow I have no problem falling asleep to people being murdered.

I love everyone's blog!  I hate being able to choose only 15 blogs...  but rules are rules, so the 15 blogs I chose to award include:
On the Ground
Simply Horse Crazy
Diary of the Overanxious Horse Owner
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
A Year With Horses
A Horse Named Milo
Moondance Ranch
Riding Ms. Daisy (and Son)
Cedar View Paint Horses
Adventures in Colt (Filly) Starting
Jetta and Jill - Our Adventures
Dressage in Jeans
Javas Barn
The Joy of Horses

Now to let everyone know they've won!!  :)


  1. I LOVE tomatoes and crime tv.

  2. YAY! My first award too, thank you girlie!!

  3. Good lord, woman, I am not remotely stylish!

    Steelers played well yesterday! My poor Vikings didn't do so hot this year so I get to root for whoever I want in the playoffs. I'm kinda glad the Pats lost today.

    I quit playing WoW when I got a horse. I used to be in a heavy raiding guild on a PVP server, and when I couldn't commit 20+ hours a week to them I fell behind fast. I'm impressed that you still play!

  4. Why, thanks, you sweet thing!!!
    I'm a Steeler's fan too.

  5. Awww-Thank you! It's been a long time since we passed around awards. Kinda nice to see them coming back.

    My hubby is a former Marine as well and feels exactly as you do. Semper Fi!

  6. You're welcome everyone! I'm so glad you all have such wonderful blogs, and also that you read mine as well!

    This was my first blog award too, Milo and Britnie!!

    You're welcome, Kate. Your blog is quite stylish!

    Dom, we could be sisters!! :)

    Wow, Funder! I had no idea you played WoW... I refused to roll toons on a PvP server because my guild needed a healer. Like I want to be a squishy priest on a PvP server? HARDLY! So we all rolled on a PvE server. :) I don't get to play nearly as often as I'd like... especially with my new work schedule it's harder to get online and do things with the guild.

    The Vikes had a tough year... too much drama going on with the team and Favre.

    I knew I liked you, Terry! ;) Go Steelers!!

    Semper Fi, BEC!

  7. I'm from 2 hours from Pittsburg. I too love the Steelers. I should blog someday about being in Seattle, wearing black and gold, after the Superbowl game against the Hawks. It was HILARIOUS!!

  8. THANK YOU for the award :)

    Semper Fidelis to you, too!! My dad was a Marine way back in the Vietnam days ~ I think he'd agree with you on that must be one tough chica!!

  9. Cool, and thanks! Now I have to find time to blog about it!

    Go Pack Go! We're bringing the G&G to the B&B.

  10. I love crime tv too but sometimes they can get a little bit too graphic for me but I keep right on watching.

    Congrats on your award.

  11. I'll bet a lot of those people hated you, Denali! LOL

    Thanks, JJ! Most people don't believe me when I tell them I was a Marine. But it's true! :)

    LOL, Cedar!! You know, video games! :) And I'd love to see the Packers in the Super Bowl!

    Thanks, Rainbow! Crime TV is addicting, isn't it??

  12. Hey, thanks!!!!

    I really should put my awards on my blog sidebar.... ***off to play with blog design***

  13. Thanks for the blogger award! It's the first award Rose and I have won together. Hopefully this means good things for the upcoming show season. Thanks again!

    Adventures In Colt Starting

  14. i2p, look what I found! I am getting my not-stylish post ready and found the video of my old guild. A day in the life of EJ