Monday, January 17, 2011

We're Moving!

We're moving, but not to the place I mentioned in a previous post. That place was not good... the barn was ginormous, dark, cold, dirty, and looked like it might go up in flames at any moment. The stalls were ok looking, but the tack room looked like a junk collection. The lady seemed really nice and knowledgeable, but I couldn't see putting my horses there because of the condition of the property. It certainly wasn't worth what she was asking as far as price. The barn was also school bus yellow... not that that matters, but I'm just sayin' ...

I recently shared with you the direction that my current barn is headed, but I was informed yesterday morning that he also intends to get a bunch of chickens and some pigs. ... I don't mind chickens (used to have some myself) but I don't like them being around the horses, and the coop is going to be right next to the barn. And pigs? I'm not sure where he plans on putting pigs, but it's officially time to go. For reals.

So M and I went back to the other place that we both loved. It's the barn that didn't have room for AJ to be on pasture board. It still doesn't... the owner agreed to keep AJ out 24/7 if I paid the stall board price. So if I'm paying the stall board price, I might as well get a stall. Boarding there is going to be way more money than I want to spend, but I need to get them somewhere I'm happy with. I need to get them somewhere I know they'll be taken care of.

Having them on co-op is costing me way more money than I thought... it's actually only a few dollars cheaper than putting them at this new place. The difference will be peace of mind, and about 3 extra hours per day to spend enjoying them instead of taking care of them.

Here are a couple pictures of the barn:

18 stall Morton barn built in 2007.
Private tack lockers, 2 wash racks (w/hot water), lounge, and restrooms!
They have a round pen, a nice ring (although nothing like the one where I'm at now), and lots of trails. Their property even borders power lines, so we could ride forever! The owner is totally OCD about his pastures, so they're rotated like crazy, rested, and over seeded constantly.  Plus they grow their own hay, so they know the nutritional content of the bales. It's absolutely lovely!

Did I mention I don't want to spend what they want for board x2?  I have been considering another option...  boarding AJ at a different barn.  One of the places I looked at before was nice, but it lacked the facilities I'd need for Lilly, like an arena and a wash rack, so I passed on the place.  The lady was super nice, and her horses looked great.  Their property was close to trails and the boarders there go trail riding all the time.  So I could take AJ out for group trail rides on occasion to spend some extra time with him.  I would really prefer to keep them together, but the place is fairly close to my house (and only 12 miles from the other barn) and I'd just have to make it a point to go visit him.

Has anyone ever boarded 2 horses at 2 different places?  It would save me about $175 per month, but I don't want it to turn in to a hassle.


  1. Oh, that looks like a lovely place! Definitely time to go from the old one.

    Sorry I can't help - I never split up my guys. I think if you know you'll make time to visit with AJ it'd be ok?

  2. Wow that looks, and sounds like an awesome place!! And sounds like you wont have to worry about Lilly or Aj any more.

    I cant really help with the splitting of them up... Would you be able to ride Lilly with M if she wanted to go for a trail ride or could she trailer over to the other place to ride with Aj?

    Id be ok with a couple of chickens, (as long as they were not around any feed sorces) but mixing pigs of any number and horses is not a good idea. I dont blame you one little bit for wanting to get out of there.

    PS thank you :)

  3. I enjoy a good slice of bacon, but I prefer my hogs to be far far away while they're still alive and pooping. That would SOOOO ruin the clean horsey smell!

    Your new place sure looks nice! So bright! Was it actually that tidy when you were there?!?!

    If you moved AJ to this other place, would you feel guilty if you visited Lily more frequently? Could you work out a deal where you keep them both at the new place over the winter and move AJ to another place for a summer pasture?

    I'm sure you'll make a fine choice, and you can always change your mind. Nothing is set in stone.

  4. Beautiful!! When are yall movin??

  5. It's a big change from the current place, Funder. I'll definitely have to make time to visit AJ and it won't be as convenient as having them both in the same place, but I know I'd get over there to visit him often.

    You're welcome, Justaplainsam! :) I could ride Lilly with M and her horse and then ride AJ with the other boarders at the other barn. The owner said they ride a lot on the weekends to I think there would be quite a few opportunities.

    Thanks, Dom. :)

    It was really clean, SillyPony! They're very particular about the barn and the property. Regarding feeling guilty, I'm not sure. I feel like I've lost out on so much time with Lilly that I can't wait to get back on and start riding her again.

    I'm not sure this other place would have room for AJ for much longer. As it is, she's holding the last spot for me until I decide what I want to do. Room seems to be a big issue around here.

    Britnie, hopefully I'll be moving them the first of the month. I need to figure out what to do with everything at the current place (whether I want to eat some money and move them quicker) and then pick a date. I'm thinking around the 29th-ish. :)

  6. Yep, it's time to go. The new place looks like a winner! Very nice. We've had horses at different barns. It takes some extra time, but it's do-able. When Paj was a baby (before we had our own place) we had him at a place with pasture. David was showing Reggie, so he was at a big show barn with lots of riding facilities but no pasture. They had different needs, and we couldn't find a place that was right for a baby and a show horse, so we split them up for a while.

  7. Thanks, Terry. I think that's what I'm going to do. Like SillyPony said, I can try it out and see how it works. If it's too much I can always move him (hopefully) to the barn with Lilly.

    The owner mentioned that he's going to be setting up another pasture closer to his house (that sits in another are on the property) because they have 4 horses themselves which are taking up most of the pasture board spots. That should happen by next fall, so I can put dibs on one of those and move AJ then if this doesn't work out.

    Like you said, it'll be a little extra work, but it also seems to be the best situation for what I've got going on right now.

  8. Wow - looks fabulous!
    You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger award. Stop by to get it.

  9. Wow, that place's pictures look awesome! I'm glad you're moving and will have peace of mind....that alone is worth paying more $$!

    I am not in the situation at this moment of having 2 horses at 2 different places, but it will happen soon. Jetta doesn't need all the extras...just lots of turnout and a nice stall at night. I simply can't afford to have 2 where I am now, and my husband would have a cow!

    Good luck moving, and giving notice!

  10. That looks and sounds like a wonderful barn! My fingers are crossed that it truly is the perfect place for our ponies!