Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Ride

We had temperatures in the upper 60's today and it was beautiful! The wind was whipping, but I can't complain too much with temperatures like that!

AJ and the girls have been sorted and placed in their appropriate pastures. AJ has been moved up to the gelding pasture with 4 other geldings and seems to be doing great. When I drove by this afternoon, he was standing with the alpha, so I took that as a good sign. Lilly and Baby are in a pasture with two other mares and they all seem to get along pretty well. I'm not sure, but I think Lilly might either be alpha or number two. I watched for quite a while and didn't see too much interaction between them, but it's either Lilly or the stocky bay QH... that mare is built like a brick turd house, and she's sweet as pie. Her owner has been dealing with a lameness thing too and I noticed her mare's leg was swollen again. Poor girl.

Lilly was much better today about her concerns for Baby. She whinnied a few times but then stood in the cross ties resting her hind leg. I mentioned the wind, and it was blowing so hard that the barn was rattling and making all kinds of noises. She was a little on edge because of that, but surprisingly did much better today.

I noticed while riding her today that some of the issues I had been able to work through earlier in her training have returned, but I'm hoping I can work them out of her pretty quickly. She is determined to walk around the arena with her inside shoulder sticking out. I have to constantly take up the inside rein and bend her back around my leg. That contact in turn makes her nervous and she starts chomping on the bit. We did a lot of circles today because that's the only way I can get her to relax, quit chomping, and stretch down. Once we're back on the rail, though, it starts all over again. She's also back to trucking around the arena at warp speed, so we circle again, over and over.

I tend to think she'll get better once she's more relaxed, used to the environment, and back into real work. Her mind just seems to be elsewhere and I'm unable to keep her attention on me.

I'm just thrilled to back in the saddle! :)


  1. I'm just starting to learn about horses and how they get to be one-sided. Does Lily also back crooked? Do you stretch her before/after you ride? Monet keeps repeating that until we get the horse straight nothing will matter so focus on that first. I also peeked at the preview of that book you ordered. It looks really good! I noticed it mentioned how you must CONDITION before you can SCHOOL. I never thought of it that way. There is so much to learn!!! It's times like this I wish I had gone to Equine school. I would understand so much more!

  2. This new book is talking about horses being one sided too... it says that most horses are, and that you'll probably never be able to achieve a completely symmetrical horse because of it. Just like people, they do things better one way over the other.

    Lilly backs pretty straight for showmanship, but she's nowhere near straight when I'm riding her. She always backs to the right...

    I do some stretches with her, but probably not the kind of stretches you're thinking. I don't really know what to do, which is why I was so excited about this book. I need some ideas and suggestions for stretches and exercises, and this book has some suggestions that I'm going to start doing with Lilly.

    I agree... there's too much to learn!!

    Thanks, Dom! :)

  3. Oh happy day! Isn't it wonderful to be working on Lilly's issues under saddle?!? Yay!

    Ant weather in the 60s! OMG!

  4. I'll take issues under saddle any day!! I never knew how sweet it would be... :)

  5. I have always been reading, just not commenting ;) Hooray for riding the pony! Just give her time, and lots of transitions when she's ready, and she'll come back to you.

    Yaaaay! and zomg, 60degrees. I r jealous.

  6. Circles are wonderful. I'm sure if you keep working on them as you describe that your issues will melt away.
    I'm sure jealous of your temperatures right now!

  7. It's not uncommon for particular problems, to pop back up after a long time off, especially if you suspect they are due to a penchant to be one-sided. My barrel horse is frustratingly one-sided. Any time off and he reverts to traveling with his neck arced to the right. With a clean bill of health from the chiro/vet and farrier...I have no idea why he does it. But I know that when I really can get into conditioning, I will be doing one circle to the right and about a million to the left-LOL.

  8. It is so nice to read that you're back to riding Miss Lilly again. Hopefully she'll settle down soon, and start working better for ya'!

    I can't believe you had weather in the 60's. I can't even imagine such a thing, you lucky gal!!