Monday, February 14, 2011

I Can't Take It Anymore

My farrier came out yesterday morning to put Lilly's shoe back on. He reminded me to be careful with her until we can get some solid hoof to nail her shoe to. I told him I'm careful with her, but she's not careful with herself... crazy mare!! Hopefully her hoof will grow quick and we can make it through this without issue.  I've been wanting to get a boot so I can have something on hand, but I'm not sure what I should get.  It seems like the reviews are always mixed.

M met me at the barn shortly thereafter and we saddled up our girls. She wanted to take Baby into the arena to get her warmed up and then we ventured out on the trails. We rode for about 30 minutes, but had to keep turning back to avoid the stream that winds through the trails. That thing was everywhere! It was a pretty steep bank, and quite muddy on the opposite side so I didn't want to chance a shoe or ligament.

Lilly was her typical self on the trail... speedy and determined to be in the lead. Luckily Baby didn't care and was just fine lagging behind. The trails are nice and wide, so it was a nice change to be able to ride side by side and chat instead of having to yell backwards.  I think both of our horses enjoyed a nice ride on the trails. I know I did!

We had a good ride but even with my felt riser pad, I could tell Lilly was uncomfortable with her saddle again. So in a fit of frustration, I have put my western show saddle on eBay. It's going and my work saddle is going. Then with the funds from selling those two, I'll buy one saddle that's comfortable for her. I'm done messing with saddles... I might even buy a new hunt seat saddle while I'm at it because she has issues with that one sometimes as well. I have no idea how I'm going to find a new western saddle that fits, or even what I'm looking for, but let the search begin. We're far from showing western pleasure anyway.

The vet came out this morning to give vaccinations, and I needed to get a health certificate for AJ. My new barn uses vets from the practice that employs Lilly's ligament doctor, but it was a different vet today. She was SO nice and I loved how she interacted with my horses. She seemed very genuine and I just really liked her. She gave me her card, and I intend to make her my official vet, although I hope I won't see her again until the fall. :)


  1. Take a look at the Black Rhino saddles - they're not cheap but the design and fit is better than most saddles I've seen - the designer sometimes has used ones for sale on their web site.

  2. It sounds like you had a very nice ride with Lilly, Baby and Baby's owner. It's nice to read about you RIDING Lilly, and I bet it's nice for you to write about that too!

    Good luck with the saddle situation ~ I hope you're able to find the perfect fit for both you and Lilly :)

  3. I agree with Kate, my custom saddle will be an About the Horse saddle.

    My suggestion - find a certified and reputable saddle fitter. He/she will have lots of styles and brands for you to try on and find what fits just perfect. You never know, they might just be a massage specialist too and help you out with your horse more then you could ever have imagined (I know that happened to me!)

    The thing is, unfortunetly, that many "stock" saddles, Billy Cook, Crates, Tex Tan, etc are all built on the same tree. So even if they have a different name on it, its still built the same underneath all the leather and tooling. You have to be open to trying other saddles that arent "name brand" to fnd that tree that will fit your mare's back the best, then go from there.

    And believe me when I say, that this is a far better route then endlessly buying and selling the basically same saddles over and over only realizing that they all fit the same, then finally opening my ears to a saddle fitter. Good luck!

  4. re: hooves - I don't think Renegades would fit Lilly's hoof. Take some measurements (in mm, not inches - it's WAY more accurate and easier!) and call Easycare. They are supposed to be very helpful!

    Good luck on the Saddle Quest. :(

  5. Bell boots! All the time! It might help :) Good luck in the fitting battle, at some point I will be looking for a dressage saddle for Lucas but I thank god that our CC works for now!

    I will recomend JR Wenger for a saddle.

  6. Thanks for the link, Kate. I'll definitely check that site!

    I'm glad to be writing about riding Lilly too, JJ! Finally!

    Thanks for the info Milo... the problem for me is that there aren't very many western saddle places close by. I can take Lilly to and english saddle fitter not far from me and they'll find one in the store that fits, or do some flocking to make it fit, but I think I'm going to have a difficult time with a western saddle.

    I definitely agree that this is better than constantly buying and selling saddles. I'm just not familiar with saddles other than the usual Circle Y, Tex Tan, Dale Chavez, etc... so it'll be a challenge just to decide where to start.

    Thanks Funder... I'll check out Easyboot and see what I need to do to get her a boot. It isn't as hard as fitting a saddle, is it? :)

    Sam, she's wearing bells now. I made it perfectly clear (I hope) that she is not to be turned out unless she's wearing them and if they happen to find her without one, bring her in and call me. Esp since she's wearing those bar shoes now. They're key to my sanity! LOL

    Thanks for the saddle recommendation too!

  7. Whew. When I read the title, I was afraid Lilly had been hurt. We keep "Old Mac" boots on hand, and have been happy with them. As far as saddles go, we are lucky here in that there are expert saddle fitters in our area that will bring you a mess of saddles to try. Fit is everything.

  8. Thank goodness you were wrong, Terry! :) I'll check out the Old Mac boots too... I really should have one on hand. Thanks!

  9. Easycare makes Old Macs. Easyboot has about 90% of the market, Renegade has 5%, and there's like three other small manufacturers. Call Easyboot - they'll tell you which of their boots will work best for your situation!

  10. Err, Easycare = Easyboot. The company's Easycare but half the time I just call them Easyboot. Same thing.

  11. Sounds like a nice ride, except for the stream.
    I went for the 'one good saddle' last spring, after having several that didn't fit, and it's been great. Good luck with finding just the right one.

  12. Thanks again for the boot info, Funder. :)

    Carol, I hope I can find just the right saddle. I hate having her uncomfortable and I hate not knowing whether or not we'll have saddle issues today.