Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pre-Workout Pictures

I'm still recovering from my beloved Steelers loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to recover...

I did drag myself out to the barn to get some shots of my sweet pony who tried desperately to cheer me up. If you can see this face, and not crack a smile, you're probably dead inside.

It's okay, mom... Give me cookies and you'll feel better!
We also played a lot of games, did some longeing, and I worked on some of the stretches mentioned in my book. She will NOT react to anything... no pelvis tucks, no bladder meridian, nothing. I've never been able to get her to do those belly lifts either.  Is she just that tense, or am I doing it completely wrong?

Anyhoo, here are the best shots I could get doing conformation shots alone. She was actually pretty good considering there was grass under her feet.

It sure is hard to see definition with a white horse!  But aren't her dapples pretty?  :)

I tried to get some pictures of her longeing, but she thought it would be more fun to act out since I only had one hand to control her. Bucking and rearing is a lot more fun anyway!



  1. Haha! That last picture! Plus the first one is just ADORABLE! :D

    As far as the photos, could you take one nice close up of each area? The long side shots will be useful too, but it might be easier to see muscle definition in specifica areas with a close up....close up of back, shoulder, hip, etc.

    For the tummy tucks, when I first taught Milo he didnt respond. I taught it as you would anything with a series of preogressions. Run my hand on the center of his belly where the girth is, and run it back about two inches. If no repsonse, I pushed up into his belly, then clucked if needed, then sorta pinched if needed too. Milo responded well to that...he now lifts if I just run my hand under the girth area.

    How does the book explain it? I havent gotten mine yet!

  2. Good idea, Milo! I took some closer shots of her chest, but I didn't get any of the other muscle groups. That would probably be a good idea, especially since she still has so much winter hair.

    Strangely, the book doesn't have the tummy tuck exercises. There's a pelvis tuck and some other good stretches, but nothing with the belly. I just always remembered that one as a beneficial stretch for them.

    I'll definitely try your method and see if I can get her to respond. She's so sensitive that I'm amazed I can't get a response out of her. All I usually get is a "what ARE you doing?" look... LOL

  3. WTF Mom?? Lol thats funny. Just keep working on it. Its a great exercise ...esp since we ask them to lift their back when working anyways.

    I was going to add too, when I saw the title of this post I thought that "shots" was like medical, not photo shots. Haha! The things my mind run to with your blog now! Always medical!

  4. Oh and also, it might be a good idea to have a body specialist out, to really loosen her up and target her tight areas. THis could be pretty beneficial so you arent hurting any muscle groups. I know Sarah has REALLY helped Milo to release tension.

  5. Thank goodness it isn't medical! Although, shots are coming up next week... lol

    I was thinking about having the chiro come back out, but someone to give her a massage might be a better idea. I'm sure she's got some tight areas, especially from standing around in the stall for so long.

  6. That last picture's a stitch! Lilly has sooo much personality1

  7. She is lovely!!!

    Massage is easy enough to learn, there are some good books available if you have the time to look. I picked up a lot of info out of my 'The Well-Adjusted Horse' book. Now I do my own massages and stretches.

    I just use my thumb like paint_horse_milo explained. At first they don't really 'hold' the stretch, but as they progress they become more capable of holding the stretch.

  8. I really misunderstood the title of your post...I read it and then wondered where the stuff was about muscle shots. Duh.....not IM vaccinations...pictures of lovely Lilly. lol

    She looks great...I LOVE that last picture of her - what an attitude! :)

  9. Aw pretty Lilly! Lol at the last pic, I can never leave Tuff to his own devices on the lunge either, he knows EXACTLY when I'm not paying attention and either breaks gait or stops and starts trying to eat the grass!

    Sorry about the steelers! I was rooting for them too!

  10. Ok Jill, that does it! I'm changing the title of the post! LOL

    Thanks, Terry! I could only get the one picture because then I had to hang on for dear life!

    Cowgirls, I do have a book on my wish list about stretches. I think I'd want someone to come out and do it once on Lilly so I could be sneaky and watch how she does things. I'm also curious to know if it's more that Lilly is just tense, or if I don't know what I'm doing. Then I think I'd feel comfortable doing the massages myself.

    Thanks Britnie, I'm still in mourning. :(

    Thanks, Dom! LOL :)