Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Far, So Good!

I met M at the barn this morning for a saddle testing trail ride. The weather was beautiful (sunny and 60!) and there wasn't any wind for a change!

Does this mean I have to work today?
I'm still loving the way the saddle fits on Lilly's back. Granted I've only tried the saddle in her green pad, but there's still plenty of room around her withers for a more fluffy show pad. It would be nice if they had those hunt seat number pads in a contoured fit, but since that's what I need, they don't. I'll have to see if I can keep it "tented" in the front so it doesn't put pressure on her withers.

By the way, neither of my girths fit anymore... they're both too long. I have a Wintec girth that is labeled 54" and a leather show girth that is labeled 50" and the leather girth is actually about a 1/2" longer than the Wintec.

Who can figure... regardless, they're both too long.

Anyway, we worked the horses in the arena for a bit first and the saddle still feels good! Lilly was calm and quiet and warmed up well, which was good since my girth was as high as it would go and was still a little loose.

The trail ride went well. Lilly was a very good girl and even rode around for a while on a loose rein. That never happens on a trail ride... is it because she's comfy in her new saddle, or was she just having a good day? I was trying to work her a bit to see how she'd do with the saddle in less than ideal situations so we rode over the stream, up and down hills, and even did some trotting. She never got irritated.

She did get muddy, though... on our way back across the stream she decided she wanted to play in the mud. She got her legs covered and at some point decided to shove her nose to the bottom of the stream and pull up muddy, stinky, dirty, DISGUSTING stream crud and EAT IT.

She ain't right, but I love her just the same. :)


  1. I love the look on Lilly's face. "You meanz I haz to workz?" Denali gives me the same look.

  2. The saddle looks awsome on her!!! Glad it worked so well on the trail ride.

  3. Cute photo! OMG eating the crud sounds like Milo. Horses are weird..LOL

  4. Are we sure our ponies are not related?!?

    I have the same problem with my number pad. WAY too much bulk compared to how I ride normally with a thin pad and a bounce pad. I guess that's the next thing on my DIY-To-Do list! I have considered trying to "shave" the fleece from underneath the saddle.....hmmm

  5. Wowza. Her eyes and ears say "buzz off" but her big goobery lip says "luv meee". Such a drama queen.

    I hope you two find the right saddle!

  6. Glad the saddle is fitting. Priceless expression on Lily's face, but she's very pretty anyway :)

  7. Yay! Sounds like a good fitting saddle, and it sure looks pretty. What's a number pad?

  8. Oh YAY! I'm so glad to hear your ride went so well!

  9. Thanks everyone! That's a classic Lilly face, too... she gives me that one quite often. :)

    Terry, the number pad is what I use when I show hunt seat. It has the square skirt with the little plastic keeper for you to put your number in. I hate wearing string around my waist and I refuse to put pin holes in my expensive hunt coat so it would be really nice to be able to use my pad.

    Lilly really hates that pad for some reason, though.

  10. LOL on the pond muck eating, that is too funny!! What a nice ride that sounds like, you lucky girl! So glad you are liking the saddle so far!