Monday, February 28, 2011

AJ Day!

Since AJ will be leaving tomorrow I wanted to go spend some time with him. The temperatures were nice (almost 80!) but the wind was gusting like you wouldn't believe! Because of the wind, it didn't feel nearly as warm as the thermometer said, so I decided to hold off on giving him a bath. I just brushed him and trimmed him a bit with the clippers. He was a little spooky because of the wind, but we managed.

Here are some of the pictures I took of my sweet boy.

I think he's put weight back on nicely!

It was WINDY!  Look at that mane!

Such a handsome boy.

I'm sure going to miss this!!
I'll keep you posted about his journey to Michigan, where they have 12" of snow! Hopefully he still has enough of his winter coat to keep him warm. I'm sending his blankets home, but I'm worried he might be cold. My parents have a really nice barn and my dad feeds a LOT of hay, so hopefully he'll do just fine.

I'm most worried about how he's going to do on the trailer for that long, but at least he'll be with other horses for most of the trip.

I'm sure going to miss him!


  1. I hope his trip goes well, and that you dont miss him too much. :) He's gained a bunch of weight too!

  2. Hope the trip goes smoothly. Keep us posted.

  3. Keep us updated! Hope his trip is smo0th and uneventful!

  4. Don't fret too much. Good shippers are just that: good shippers. BTW, AJ looks really good!

  5. Wow, he's gained a lot of weight! I know you'll miss him, but your parents will spoil him rotten.

  6. Awww, I know you'll miss him! He looks wonderful :)

  7. AJ looks great! He is such a handsome boy :)