Saturday, March 5, 2011

Carolina Mane Event Show #1

Yay! The first show of the year, and only the second show since Lilly tore her ligament back in November, 2009. I've been so excited about this show.

Too bad it turned out to be a bit of a flop.

If nothing else, Lilly cleans up nice, doesn't she?

Not bad for a white horse with a winter coat!
Lilly and I rode with M and Baby to save on gas. She has a nice 3 horse trailer with a larger living quarters than mine, and her truck is beefy enough to pull all of it without issue. Just like every other horse person I know, M has a lot of stuff, but we were able to make room for my stuff and Lilly's stuff! It looked a bit like a dorm room in there, but we made it work.

We tied the girls up on the same side of the trailer and gave them each a bag of hay. Baby insisted on eating out of Lilly's bag, though. They sure do get along well!

Our two pretty girls!
M showed Baby in western pleasure classes and I signed up for showmanship and hunt seat. Showmanship was first so I got ready and took Lilly up to the arena to get ready for our class. Being separated from Baby wasn't something Lilly was really thrilled with, so she was in another world and kept whinnying to Baby. Baby would whinny back to Lilly, and Lilly would whinny back to Baby. See where this is going?

Yeah, so M took Baby out and longed her while I tried to perform a very simple showmanship pattern:

Here's how it went. We stood at cone A waiting to be acknowledged by the judge. Just as he nodded, Lilly started screaming... then as we walked to cone B and started to jog, she was looking everywhere but where we were going and bumped her shoulder into me. When we stopped at the judge to set up for inspection, she moved her hind end over to get a better view out the arena to her left and SCREAMED again. Even though she was crooked, she was square and she did have a nice pivot, but needless to say, we got 4th out of 5. So just imagine what the 5th place horse's pattern looked like.

And you know, she can't just whinny like "wheeeeeee!!" No, hers goes like this: "Wheeeeeee, wheeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeee, nicker, nicker, blow, blow" so it takes forever to get through it and get past it.

Good lord...

Western classes were next, so it was Lilly's turn to be tied up at the trailer while Baby was showing. M was having as much trouble with Baby as I had with Lilly so she decided to see if she could work the whinny right out of her.

Stop whinnying!!
In case you're wondering, the answer was no.

By the way, see that blue roan mare on the left? DROOL!! There was a reining show at the fairgrounds and there were some nice horses there. I wanted that one in the worst kind of way...

Lilly liked being tied to the trailer alone even less than she liked being in her showmanship class. She did a lot of this:

I shall paw my way to Baby!!
And even more of this:

I'm going to die if she doesn't come back soon!
So I decided to stand with her and threaten her life with the longe whip.

Don't you have somewhere to be, mom?
I did manage to watch Baby's classes. She's a really nice western pleasure mare, but you'd never know it the way she acted today. Those two just kept calling to each other over and over and over again. One of the spectators was like, "is this her first show?" Hehe, you'd think so, wouldn't you? It was all a bit much.

Once Baby's classes were over we decided to continue to punish the two drama queens. Baby went on the other side of the trailer and Lilly stayed tied on her side. They still screamed for each other and Lilly continued to paw. Once she figured out Baby was on the other side, she tried desperately to see her through the window of the trailer.

I think I see her!!
Notice the giant hole she's dug herself in the dirt...

Once it was time for the hunt seat classes I took Lilly up to the arena so I could ride her around a bit and try to find a buyer. No takers, though... weird.

She actually stood like the Lilly I know and love once we got up there. I had quite a wait before my first class and she was relaxed, stood still, and was nosey as always, but much better behaved. She didn't whinny at all until we went into our first class and made our way down to the far end of the arena where she could hear Baby calling for her. Even then I was able to dig my inside heel into her, bend her around, and get her attention back on me.

M took some pictures for me, but because it was inside they didn't turn out very well. This is from either the first or second class, and it's pretty much how Lilly went. Her head was up, but she had a pretty nice trot going on.

Not bad for our first show in a while!
The classes were big and we have short little legs, so we're not nearly as fast as the long legged horses we were showing against. M kept telling me I was being buried on the rail, but I don't think it mattered much. I've shown under this judge before and never did very well. Not to mention, I've been on my horse like 6 times in the past 6 months...

The stock type hunt seat class went a bit better. There were only 9 horses instead of 15 and I rode Lilly more like it was a training class to try and get her to relax and level out a bit. She did VERY well and I was very pleased with her. We ended up with 5th place.

Good girl, Lilly!
M and I could only laugh and scheme up ideas for the next show. We're hoping this was a one time thing, kind of like how they acted at the new barn when they were first separated. Now they could care less. Maybe now that they got it out of their system they'll be better next time?

Or do drastic times call for drastic measures?

The saddle seemed to work out really well. Lilly did shake her head a few times and twitched her withers, but I can't say for sure if it was related to the saddle or not. With my fleece show pad the space around the bars of the saddle was a bit more snug than with my quilted pad, but she still had room and the wool flocking makes it really soft. I think I'll see if I can find a quilted style show pad with number pockets instead, but as far as saddles go, we might have a winner!


  1. LOL! Oh, Lilly. She certainly keeps you humble, doesn't she!?!? Well I hope you had a little fun at least!

    What's with days shows with western first? I was at one show in MN like that I don't understand why the higher energy classes aren't first. Here they seem to do jumping then english showmanship, then flat, then western showmanship and western. That makes way more sense to me.

    Here's looking forward to the next show!

  2. What a drama queen! I had to laugh, because David and I have had shows like that, with our horses screaming for each other. It does not go over well in dressage.

    I am so happy for you, that you and Lilly are out there showing again. Oh happy day!

  3. I don't know if the word I'd use is humble, but she keeps me something! LOL

    We did have fun... even M commented that three years ago stuff like that would have made her crazy, but we couldn't help but laugh at them. Aside from feeling like we wasted $100, we had a really good time. :)

    Most of the shows we go to have english classes first and then western. This is actually a two day show and on the first day they do western first, then the second day they do the english classes first.

    Thanks, Terry! It was so much fun to be back out there showing. I even saw a bunch of my old show buddies and I felt missed! :)

    Screaming in dressage... yeah, I can see how that would be a definite bad thing! The things we put up with to love our horses.

  4. Lilly is such a pretty horse! She looks great. I love her coloring.
    You guys did so well for not having showed in a long time.
    My horse Rogo called to his friend a lot for the first day of his first show, but then got over it. Hope your guys do too.

  5. Hmmm...was this in Raleigh, NC?

  6. Thanks Carol! I sure hope Lilly follows suit... it was driving me crazy!

    TWH, it was in Raleigh! Have you shown up there?

  7. How did I miss this post this weekend??

    I was super excited to be reading of your first show back...too bad the girls had to be girls...LOL.

    But in all seriousness, I had this problem every time I hauled with Milo's girlfriend, Missy. When they haul together it seems they get terribly attached. But if I haul Milo seperately, he doesnt seem to care much at all. So maybe thats the solution? It bites because carpooling saves gas and is just generally easier, but I know for my horse it tends to just compromise him. Hopefull you guys can come up with a plan to sort things out.

    Im glad the saddle seemed to work though.

    Ohh oh and did you watch the reining classes for me?? :D

  8. Unfortunately Milo, I think that's what we're going to end up doing... it was more fun riding together but I think if they ride alone, the drama might decrease. I did miss having my own space a bit too. We talked about driving our own trailers and parking on opposite sides of the fairgrounds. I'm hoping, though, that this was a one time thing. We'll just have to see how it works out.

    There were some NICE reiners there! I watched them warm up while I ate lunch and only got to watch a couple patterns during the actual classes. One of the riders was injured and had to be taken to the hospital... her horse was doing a sliding stop and stumbled, tried to catch himself, and ended up doing a front tumble.

    What I wouldn't give to ride one of those horses just once! :)

  9. MARES! Haha, sorry they were a bit of a pain, but it sounded like a lovely day otherwise!! I really hope they get it sorted out because how much fun is it to have a buddy to show with?! Too neat! I love those blue eyes on Baby! So pretty!

    Glad you made it back to the shows!!

  10. I2P, yes I have!! I showed there in 2006. It was the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show. I got two 3rd's out of the 4 classes I showed in. I was proud. I really liked the facilities there. It was so much fun!!! I thought I recognized the backgrounds in the pics. :-)

  11. Britnie, everyone was going crazy over Baby's eyes! I heard whispers from people everywhere we went and one guy even tried to buy her. I think M came close to selling her since our girls were being such a pain!

    I love showing up there, TWH!! The facilities are quite nice and it's close for me too, which makes it even better! Sounds like you did well when you were there... going back anytime soon? :)

  12. No. :( This year the Southern Regional show is in Tunica, MS. It's my last year in 4-H, so I'm really looking forward to it...assuming I qualify again. I will be getting ready to go to college after show season. I'm excited for that too. :-) I'm just ready for spring...without mud!