Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homeward Bound!

AJ made it onto the trailer today... finally!

Yesterday the shipper told me he'd be by to pick AJ up between 8am and 9am. I got there at 7:30 sharp, anticipating standing around until 10am, but figured I needed to be there just in case.

I brought AJ up from the field and fed him breakfast in his stall. He had hay for dessert but wasn't interested in any of it once the other horses started going outside for the day. I ended up moving him to the round pen with his hay and a bucket of water thinking he might stand there and quietly eat.

The shipper called me shortly after 8 and told me he'd be there between 9:30 and 10, so I had some time to kill. AJ wasn't being very good in the round pen either, so now I had to decide what to do with him for another hour and a half. It's like he knew something was up, so he decided running around and whinnying was a better idea. You should hear him whinny... it's pitiful.

I want out of here!!

Talent is being able to whinny AND suck your tongue at the same time.
I ended up finding a nice patch of grass for him to snack on, so we spent some quality time together, trying to warm up in the sunshine.

The shipper called me again at 9:45 to let me know he'd be there in about 25 minutes, and when he finally showed up around 10:15 he called me from the driveway.

Do you suppose they were saying nasty things about me behind my back? "Make sure you call her A LOT... she's annoying."

Yes I am, thank you!! :)

The guy seemed a little standoffish at first too, but I won him over with my charm and before long we were chatting like old friends! I asked him again about the trip and what the plan was going to be and he said he's dropping the loaded horse in Maryland tonight. He'll layover somewhere and AJ will be stalled at the farm in a stall and they'll get up early tomorrow and head straight to Michigan with 4 other horses headed to Michigan also. He said it's possible that AJ will be home tomorrow night unless he runs into bad weather (which is expected). Then it'll be Saturday morning when he's dropped off.

Adventure awaits inside!
He walked AJ out to the trailer, asked him to walk up the ramp, and AJ decided to JUMP into the trailer instead. He seemed quite happy that there was another horse in there for him to meet.

"Oh, hello!"  (Sorry about the blur...)
He's going to be riding backwards, so we had to convince him that backing into the stall was a good idea. For AJ, he actually did really well. We tied him up and gave him a giant bag of hay for the trip.

I kissed his sweet nose, told him I loved him and to be a good boy, and told the shipper to take good care of him. The doors were closed and off they went...

Miss you already, Boo Pony. 
While I'd like to think that AJ's home is with me, Michigan will always be my home, and it was AJ's home for a long time too. I think he'll be happy to be back with Justus, and he'll enjoy a more consistent routine with top notch care. The benefits of him being with my parents will only go so far to help fill the now empty space in my heart that only AJ's sweet face and goofy tongue can fill.

Have a safe trip, AJ! I'll see you soon!


  1. That had to be hard, but you did the right thing by your horse!

    Have a safe trip AJ!

  2. Aww, I got a little teary eyed reading this. I bet you're sad to see him go but so happy to know he'll be in very good hands! He looks like a young, buff dude in the round pen pic - he looks great!!

  3. Here's hoping for a smooth trip. He reminds me of Pie - including the tongue-sucking!

  4. Thanks, ladies! :)

    I couldn't have done it if he was going anywhere other than to live with my parents.

    I'll just be happier and less stressed out when he's finally there and safe.

  5. Safe trip big boy!

    Think he will be surprised to get 'home'?

    I know I can take my horses from the ranch for years and when they get home and look around, there's always a big sigh and they settle right in. It's the home all of them grew up in and not a single one of them has ever forgotten it.

  6. I definitely think he'll recognize it, and hopefully remember Justus too. AJ lived there for 13 years before I brought him down to live with me in Virginia, so it should all look familiar. It's pretty impressive what they remember, so I'm hoping it feels like home and he settles right in.

  7. Way to make me cry at work! I'll send continuous happy thoughts to you both until he's safe and sound at his new/old place.

  8. SNIFF!! Tears in the eyes here for you! Let us know ASAP how things are going when you hear! He is sucha beautiful boy!

  9. I had tears too, hope every thing goes well, let us know when he arives safe and sound!

  10. Thanks, ladies... I was crying, so it only seems fair to share that emotion. AJ has that effect on people!

  11. That has to be hard to say goodbye to your beloved AJ, but at least you know where he is going and you will see him again!!