Monday, March 7, 2011

Out With the Old

All three of my saddles sold on eBay so I'm officially saddle-less!


I had to return my borrowed Pessoa today, too, so the only saddle I have to ride in is the one my friend Alex, over at The Alex and Apple Show, let me borrow. Thanks again!

The tack shop let me keep the Pessoa beyond the normal trial period so I could try it at the horse show this past weekend. I could have purchased the saddle today but I decided I wanted to get a brand new one instead.

I've been buying some of my tack and supplies from local tack shops around the area to try and help out the local horse community. This is also why I chose the shipping company I did for AJ... they were local. I've found that their prices are a little higher than I could find online, but I don't mind spending a little extra here and there to help out. It's not a big deal until it comes time to purchase something that costs over two grand.

They had the Pessoa listed for $2395. Dover has the saddle listed for $2155. Add NC tax (at 7.75%) and you're looking at a $400 difference... I'm not that dedicated to buying local. I asked my saddle fitter if they'd be willing to match Dover's price and she said they would, but then they wouldn't be able to credit the $75 saddle fitting towards the cost of the saddle. When all was said and done, I could get the saddle for $140 cheaper by buying it online. I'm sorry but $140 buys me a new bridle, new leathers, a new show pad, or a three month supply of SmartPaks for Lilly.

When I told her I was going to be getting it from Dover, she seemed upset, calling Dover the "Walmart of equine supplies".

I ended up finding an even better deal than the one I found on Dover through Adams Horse and Pet Supply. The saddle ships for free AND they send a free pair of Pessoa leathers. I have to order the wide gullet separately, but I ended up with a great saddle for a great price and I can't wait until it gets here!

In other "out with the old" news, I was pressured most heavily by SillyPony to purchase one of the new blouses over at Hobby Horse. She twisted my arm and made me feel like I had no choice with comments like, "check out the new turqua color!" and "this would look SO good with Lilly!"

Enabler!! :)

So because I had no choice, I went ahead and ordered this lovely new tunic (which is already on backorder and I have no idea when it will arrive):

Turqua with animal print! GRR, baby!
To help offset the cost of a new tunic and a new pair of pants, I've decided to sell all my aubergine stuff on eBay. I love the color, but I think it's time to trade it in for something new and exciting.

I have two tops, a pair of pants, chaps, and a belt, all in aubergine. I'm also selling my gorgeous aubergine, purple, and cream saddle pad. Also on the chopping block is my black hat, black gloves, sand gloves, and black belt. All are Hobby Horse items, and all are in excellent (or new) condition. You know, in case anyone is interested... :)


  1. Yup. Blame's AAAAAALL mine. ;) I expect also to be blamed when there is a picture of you in it with Lilly and a clashing blue ribbon!

    I wonder what place uses a "Turqua" ribbon?????

  2. YAY so glad your saddles sold! I'm glad you have that saddle to ride in until the other one comes in.

    That is such a great deal when you look at it because the saddle will last for many horses and you will have a wide and the standard one that comes with it. :)

    Love the new color!

  3. Hmm... maybe I can get a faded first place ribbon so it'll match a bit better and not clash! :)

    I can get other size gullets too... I'll have the medium and the wide, but I can also order a medium wide or even an extra wide if I happen to get a dinosaur to ride.

  4. Im SOOOOOO jealous.

    So much.

    Have I made that clear?

    I wish my saddle would sell as easily as everyone elses does on eBay. WAH!!!

    Im excited for the saddle for you though...seems the popular time for everyone to be getting a saddle! Im looking forward to seeing that new color with Lilly too!

  5. Can't wait to see photos of you and Lilly in your spify new saddle and tunic!

  6. LOL, sorry Milo! I'm actually surprised that my synthetic saddle sold. I figured my hunt seat saddle would and hoped the Circle Y would as well, but I was extra happy when the Circle P sold.

    Hopefully yours will sell soon... it takes the right person to be shopping sometimes.

    You're right, there are quite a few of us getting new saddles! It's going to be a good year. :)

    Thanks, Terry! Hopefully they all come soon!!

  7. Hmm...whats your ebay id? I believe I would like to see your saddle pad.... lol :-)

  8. My eBay id is "the_boo_pony", but I haven't listed anything yet. Tomorrow starts $.25 auction listings, so I'm waiting to save big money! :)

  9. Ooohhhhh....I LOVE that top!

    Dang, I may have to go shopping. My 3y/o is a dark bay and that color would look stunning on him as well.

    I'm like you, I try to buy local as much as possible, but when the savings gets to be significant...Sorry, I gotta protect my pocket book.

  10. I also like to buy local, especially at the small farm store, I would rather put money into them then the co-op!
    Love that new top! Very pretty! I always drool over the pretty western show clothes when I am at a show, dreaming that someday I will be able to show again!! Crossing my fingers!!

  11. Oh my gosh - DROOL - that saddle is gorgeous! Congratulations, after all you and Lilly have been through the past couple of years, you deserve it (the new saddle that is)! That Hobby Horse shirt is beautiful and I think it will look spectacular with Lilly!

    I am happy to hear that you were able to sell your saddles on Ebay...I've been thinking of selling almost all of my horse stuff (including a Circle Y show saddle and Hobby Horse outfit) on Ebay, but have been nervous. I might as well sell it so that when I get a horse, I can get all new stuff! :)

  12. Cowgirls, you really do need to go shopping! They have quite a few tops in that turqua color so you might even find one you like better!

    PaintGirl, here's to showing again! I hope you're able to get out there soon! :)

    Thanks, JJ!! I enjoy getting organized and getting rid of things I don't need/use anymore. It feels good to be starting out with a brand new saddle that's just for Lilly and to be rid of the old stuff that just kind of sat around. You should definitely sell your things on eBay. The extra money is nice too!

  13. Oh I loved that shirt!! Its going to look awsome on you showing this summer with Lilly!