Thursday, March 24, 2011

She Does Listen!

Today was trail ride number 2 for Lilly and she did really well. She did a lot better than last time, and I wasn't expecting so much improvement so quickly. Kind of makes me wonder, ya know?

We went all the way out and all the way back without a single whinny! That in itself is huge, I think. There were even a couple horses on the property that whinnied when she left and then when she came into sight again, but Lilly never responded. Not even a squeal.

The ride out was pretty uneventful. She was still pretty nervous and she kept looking behind her but we moved forward without issue. I took her around the trails in a different direction to mix things up a bit.

When we got to the turnaround spot we stopped. She didn't want to stop, and she stomped that foot of her once or twice, but she stood still. She actually had both ears on me for a change. At one point she even rested her hind leg. There wasn't nearly as much head tossing either.

At different points along our trek back I stopped her. I made her stand still and when she was calm and not chomping on the bit, we'd move forward. I think we only had to circle 3 or 4 times, and it only took about 3 circles before she'd stop. She did pop up once when she got really frustrated, but I got after her and we moved on. There was a point in our journey back that I had my hand on the buckle and she was walking along like a good girl! She was MOVING, but she was walking, and that's all I want from her at this point.

The biggest difference in today versus our last ride was that she was actually listening! She'd start to trot and I would tell her to walk and she would walk, without the circle forcing her to. If I said stand still, she'd stand... not happily, but her feet weren't moving. It was a major change, and I was really happy with her today.

The previous ride had her so worked up that she was really sweaty. Today she wasn't even sweaty underneath her saddle, so she was much more at ease. The little love tingles I have for her are slowly returning. :)

In other news, my new irons finally came today. Hopefully I'll have a chance to ride in them tomorrow and see how they feel.


  1. So glad you had a better ride!!!! I completely understand how frustrating it can get when they just won't listen and all you seem to be able to do is get yourself more and more worked up. Soooooo been there. But at the end of the day, a horse is a horse, so all you really can do is work through the bad days in order to enjoy the good ones!

  2. Interesting...anything you did differently? Attitude or expectations even? I wonder if its just her heat cycle, or since shes been back home with Baby long enough since the show she feels more secure. Has she always whinnied on the trail or was the a new development? I would still advise to haul her seperately the next show and see how she responds to that. Im super hapy though that you had a nice ride!

  3. Much nicer! Could be she's also coming out of heat, which would help.

  4. That's wonderful news. I wonder if she taught her own self a lesson on the last outing by getting herself so worked up. At any rate, hopefully she'll just continue to improve with each and every outing the two of you take!

  5. Darn mares, anyway! LOL

    I haven't ever taken her out on the trail by herself. I don't care to ride where no one can find me if something happens, so I don't have much to compare this to.

    I'm really not sure why she was so much better this time. Who knows with her... I definitely don't think this whole love affair is over, though, that's for sure, but I'm glad she seems to be making progress at least. :)

  6. Happy to hear it went well :)

  7. That is good news indeed!! Good Lilly!! So glad to hear your ride went so much better!

  8. SO glad to hear it went so much better! The more you do with her, the more you'll learn about what sets her off, and you'll be better able to both deal with them and/or avoid the catalyst. Of course, the more experience SHE gets, the better she'll be able to ignore those things and work through them. And the more experience you both have together, the more she will trust you and take her instruction from you. Win-win!