Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Update on AJ

After not hearing from the shippers at all yesterday, I thought for sure I'd have an email waiting for me this morning when I got up. No email, no phone call, nothing.

I decided I'd had enough and I called this morning to let them know I wanted my money back. She sounded surprised... I guess people are okay with waiting 2 days without any communication to hear when their horse is going to be shipped?

She said her driver was on his way to Georgia to pick up two horses but had to turn back around because of something with the truck and she wasn't sure what time they'd be heading back out. So if they had started the trip at some point already, why hadn't I received a call? This was the point in the conversation where I politely asked for my money back. She asked if I would give her until lunch time (about 2 hours) and if they didn't have a plan by then she would refund my money.

I agreed, thinking that was fair, and depending on when she said they'd be coming to get him, I might still ask for a refund anyway.

Not 20 minutes after I spoke with her, one of the drivers called me. I could tell he was on the road. He said he was on his way to Georgia and he was going to lay over those horses at his farm for the night. He planned on getting an early start tomorrow morning and was going to stop and grab AJ on the way. So he claimed they'll be by to pick him up around 9am.

From there they're heading to Maryland and then into PA, and finally up into Michigan to drop off AJ at my parent's house. He said AJ won't get home until Saturday, early afternoon time. That's not the plan I was told earlier, so I inquired as to what the layover plans were. He'll be stalled overnight tomorrow night in Maryland, and then again at some point in PA. I'll be asking more specific questions tomorrow before he gets on the trailer, but two and a half days sounds like a long trip. I liked it better when he was going to be delivered the next day.

My mom said they're expecting another weather system to move into the area on Friday with possible freezing rain and snow through Sunday. Hopefully that doesn't interfere with the trip at all... today would have been a much better day for him to arrive.

Please send AJ some good thoughts and well wishes for the trip! I hope he doesn't get too stressed out and makes it home without issue.


In saddle news, my Circle P has a bid on eBay, as well as my Lynn Palm, so two down, one to go! Of course the one I need to sell to help finance my new Pessoa is the one without any bids, but I still have hope. I had a few questions this time around, so maybe someone will try to snipe it at the last minute.

The fact that the Circle P is selling is good, though! Now I can forget about trying to find a saddle pad that may or may not fit Lilly and just start over completely. If I can sell them all, I can buy the Pessoa and start looking for a new western show/work saddle. How nice it would be to only have two saddles... and two saddles that fit!!


  1. Aww, good for you on the Ebay front. I have been having trouble selling anything on EBAY for a while now, nobody wants my stuff :(. Good luck on that final saddle!!

    I hope AJ has a safe trip...I'm sorry about how stressful this whole thing is turning out to be.

  2. GAH! I'm sure it'll all be fine. He will be fine. He'll be annoyed, but he'll be fine. YOU will be fine, too. This too shall pass.

  3. I have had this happen a couple of times with shippers and while it was very stressful the horses did come through fine. I hope everything goes okay from here on out.

  4. Very annoying, but he'll be fine. When Paj was 2 years old, I shipped him from Lexington KY to Colorado. It took 22 hours, door-to-door. He is the most fragile horse ever, and he arrived in great shape. AJ will too. Not to worry.

  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the kind words! I'm pretty worried about him but hopefully they'll take good care of him and he has a safe trip. I'll be glad when he's in Michigan, reunited with my parents and Justus!

    I know Justus will be a happy boy to have AJ back!

  6. You have a lot more patience than I do. I can't believe they were surprised you didn't want to wait to hear back from them.

    I do think that AJ will do fine even with the stops. He doesn't seem like the horse that is going to get upset or worried about different places and at his age stops might be good for him even if its going to take longer to get there than anticipated. Just make sure you pack his pond water!! ;)

    Congrats on the saddles, I do hope someone comes in and buys the other one at the last second....then we can go shopping!!

  7. Oooooh, i2p, that's so infuriating. That is exactly why I got SO MAD at that stupid Ford dealership that took three days to fix my brakes - not that it took three days, but that they couldn't just tell me "it'll take more than a day" right off the bat. Good for you for asking for your money back! If that's what it takes to get some communication, DO IT! And if they stand you up again, reverse the charges on your credit/debit card and find a new shipper!

  8. Geesh. You coulda delivered him yerself and been headed back by now.

  9. Hope AJ has a safe trip, Id be furious with the company!

    Im so jealous that your saddles are selling on eBay. This is my fourth attempt now with my Crates and Ive had questions, and as many as 9 watchers. But no bids. It has to sell so I can pay the last half of my custom saddle when its finished!! ARG

  10. LOL Alex! He needs to drink water like a normal horse! Thankfully the ponds have been gone for a while now, so I'm hoping he'll get plenty of water during the trip.

    My show saddle sold, so it's almost time to go shopping!! :)

    What's with people, Funder? The other company I was working with on shipping just stopped calling me one day... why can't people communicate like they're supposed to?! It's a wonder any of them can stay in business.

    I probably could have made 2 trips, Cedar! LOL

    Sorry about your saddle, Milo... maybe you can put it on consignment somewhere? I was wondering what I was going to do with mine too but thankfully they're all being shipped away tomorrow!