Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An AJ Update!

We had more rain today, so I didn't make it out to the barn. I'm sure Lilly was crushed! :)

My mom sent me some recent pictures of AJ, so I thought I'd post them here so you can see how happy he looks!  They had some nice weather over the weekend so the boys got brushed and enjoyed some of the green grass that has been sprouting.

Two happy boys!

I think his weight looks really good!
 Not only do they take great care of my horse, but they also take great care of my puppy dog. Bailey is my 12 year old German Shepherd that I rescued from the pound way back when I was in the Marine Corps. She's not cut out to be an apartment dog and is much happier on the farm with my dad. She goes everywhere with him, as you can see.

Thanks again for taking such good care of them!


  1. Oh it's good to see AJ's beautiful face again! I'm sure you miss him, but I'm sure he's enjoying himself and getting the best of... Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's pretty cool you have someplace great for your horse and your dog to be.

  3. He certainly looks happy :)

  4. What a wonderful place! AJ looks fantastic.

  5. Yeah! I was just about to ask you about him! He looks super content. Thats great!

  6. You just gotta love parents like yours!

  7. Thank you everyone! AJ is definitely a happy camper up there in Michigan. He's getting along great with my dad's horse and things are working out well. I miss him like crazy and it was bittersweet looking at the pictures. I'm glad he's doing so well, but I really miss him a lot.

    I'm quite lucky to have such wonderful parents!