Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tick Season... Yuck!

Is it tick season at your place? I pulled about 8 ticks off Lilly today and those suckers were all over her! She had them on her elbows, belly, chest, between her back legs, and even one on her side. Luckily they're pretty easy to find on her because of her color. I enjoy grabbing them with the tweezers and using a lighter on them until they explode.

After finding the ticks, I knew it was time to break out the Tri-Tec 14. That stuff is amazing! I use it every year in the spring for ticks and then in the summer for the bugs. It's the only fly spray that I've found that actually works on Lilly. It has sunscreen in it too, and smells lovely!

I worked Lilly in the round pen and rode her in the arena, but I think this will be the last day I'm going to do both. I don't want her getting burned out doing the same stuff over and over again. We had a few issues in the round pen with her zooming around and not paying attention, but after a few changes of direction, she was more relaxed and started listening.

Our ride went much better today than it did yesterday. The position of the bit definitely makes a huge difference. She's always been a chomper and I can't believe I never thought to adjust the position until it was suggested to me. Our stops were much better today and after A LOT of the halt, back, walk (or trot) exercises, she stared getting really heavy.

We also had some really nice canter transitions... she was trotting along, I asked for the canter, and she stepped into it like she's done it a million times. Very nice, Lilly! I've been "holding her up" as she canters to help her reach underneath herself and to keep her from dropping her shoulder in the turns and when we make our circles.

In other news, I'm in the market for a new boarding barn. I know, I know... I'm tired of moving too but I just keep finding rules that I don't agree with and there's no compromising. For example, when the horses start staying in during the day, fans aren't allowed in the stalls. Why? Well, because they don't need them, that's why. Well who says they don't need them? I'd like my mare to have a fan. It gets hot, humid, and stale around these parts in the middle of the summer. There isn't a breeze to be found and a fan helps move the air around and keep the horses cool.

It has also been determined that new grain keeps being put on top of old grain. Not that I use grain anymore, but I worry about Baby and whether she's being fed moldy or stale grain. This is on top of the grain issues we've had since we moved in and the possible mandatory change over to Strategy in the summer.

The list of reasons is pretty long, and M and I just aren't happy with the current situation. A certain someone has said I'll never be happy, but some things are easier to overlook than others. The health and happiness of my horse comes first. I have a few more options now that AJ is safe and happy in Michigan and I'm going to check out a place tomorrow. M has a barn in mind as well, so we're going to do some investigation and see what we can find.


  1. Well there's one advantage of living in the almost desert - no ticks!
    Sorry the barn didn't work out, but good for you for doing what's best for Lilly.

  2. YAY I'm glad you had such a good day.

    Don't get frustrated or count your walk/stops and trot/ both will need to get used to the new routine. She will start getting heavier faster each ride. Just stay consistent and make sure you get those shoulders wiggly too. :)

    I'm thrilled to hear about the transitions! I'm like a proud momma over here!

    I hate that you are having such a hard time with all the boarding barns but I do think its good you are doing whats best for your horse!

  3. Nope, no ticks...several inches of snow and a winter storm warning through tomorrow though. Maybe this is the positive I need to look long as winter refuses to leave, we will have no ticks!

    I think anyone who has ever boarded feels your pain. I have to disagree, though, with whoever said you'd never be happy. The right place is out there, I'm sure of it. We are shopping for a new boarding situation, too, so I have to keep my thoughts positive!

  4. Hahahah, it snows in April (it has snowed in every month of the year at some point) but there's no ticks! around here. :P

    Sorry you're moving again. Such a pain!

  5. No ticks yet here. I think we need some actual grass first. BUT we did get our first few bites of spring grass after a good ride yesterday. And by "we" I mean the Junebug.

  6. IM glad things are continuing to progress with you and Lilly. And once she develops the muscle she can soon carry her own front end and you wont have to hold her up anymore, keep it up! :)

    Im sorry to hear about the boarding change again, but I kind of felt it coming and had a feeling you werent happy with this place. But the bright side is now that AJ is in MI you can look into some of those other facilities that you previously couldnt. I think you shoudlnt have a problem finding just the right one.

    The fan thing is just ridiculous. Granted, we have near zero humidity here and nice cool breezes in the summer (you rarely see fans in this area) I couldnt imagine WHY they even HAVE them if they cant be on when the horses are in...? And the grain, OMG that would make me sooooo mad. Jeez just yesterday I was bombarded by the feeders because she tried telling me that MIlo is supposed to get 2 scoops supplement a day, not 1 scoop AS WRITTEN ON the container. WTH? Hes MY horse hes been getting ONE SCOOP for as long as he has been on the Cosequin. But she was certain that I was wrong and she was right. Well lady you BETTER not have been giving him two scoops!! Not to mention that I wrote down that I wanted him on 1/4 scoop of grain, not 1/2 scoop, just enough grain for the supplements, and what have I beenfinding?? A whole bucket full. I jsut dont get it. Im really trying to get out of where Im at right now and go to Diamond Hill where I take lessons, but she cant offer me any work off right now.

    Sorry, had a rant in me. :)

    Lastly on ticks, we actually dont have those around here either, I personally have never seen one on a horse before! But at least you have some magic potion stuff to help keep them at bay. ;)

  7. In SD, we have a horrible winter tick infestation that shows up in January. We started treating everyone with Pouriton in December and that helps, but we still have to retreat every 30-45 days til the horses are shed out.

    So far, not a problem here in my area of CO.

    Excellent news on the riding. You do sound much happier.

    Bummer about the wanting/needing to move again. But you have to do what you have to do and it sounds like your options are more open with only Lilly to focus on.

  8. Hopefully this isn't a sign of ticks to come... usually Lilly stays pretty tick free. I'm surprised the tick hasn't found a way to live in the desert, though, Terry! LOL

    Double A, it'll definitely take us some time to get everything figured out, but I'm SO glad we have a direction to go and tools to get us where we need to be. :)

    Hmm, would I rather have snow or ticks... I think ticks! It's too late for snow, Story!! I think there are some things you compromise when you board, but I know there's a barn out there that is a much better fit than the ones I've boarded at so far.

    Want some of my ticks, Funder? :)

    No grass up there yet, SillyPony? Do you normally have a bunch of ticks? When I had the horses in Michigan I don't remember ticks being a problem, but they sure are an issue down here.

    Sounds like you're having as much fun at your barn as I am at mine, Milo. Why can't people just feed the way you ask? There's a reason we want our horses to be fed certain things and it drives me crazy when my requests are ignored or even denied. Hopefully you can get into a better situation soon!

    The ticks are really nasty and leave a big bump on Lilly's skin for a few days. I HATE them!

    Ew, Cowgirls, that sounds nasty! January seems too cold for ticks, but I know those things can live through just about anything.

    I am definitely much more happy now, and if I could just find a barn I love, I don't know what I'd do with myself! :)

  9. Tick season is definitely under way here already.

  10. I should clarify: we have the beginnings off grass, but nothing that I would consider "tick tall" yet. I don't think I've pulled a tick off Junior in the last 3 years. Of course now that I've said that I'm sure I'll get my chance this year, especially if I can convince Junior that trail riding is fun and that trees will not eat him.

  11. Ticks suck... hehe, get it? Okay, that was bad.

    Lilly doesn't usually get ticks either, so hopefully now that I've started spraying her again, those 8 will be the only ones I find on her. I didnt' find any today, but it was also COLD.

    Hopefully you're able to get Junior into the woods. It'll be worth a tick or two! :)

  12. I LOVE love love tri tec, its the best stuff ever, and yeah, it smells SO good! Wish my budget liked it more, lol. It works so well tho!

    Glad your ride went well!!