Monday, May 23, 2011

Fly Boots

Lilly seemed happy to see me today. I'm not sure if she missed me or if she's just a happy girl, but when I called to her in the pasture, she actually jogged over to the gate. I noticed she was missing her fly mask so I had to walk out in the pasture a short distance to get it and she followed closely behind.

I found everything at the barn to be wonderful... not that I had any doubts, but you never know. Her feet are looking wonderful, her coat is beautiful, and I think her weight looks fantastic. She's been cleaning up her feed, so there aren't any more issues there. She's still pastured by herself, and I think that's working out really well for her.

Things are good. :)

We've had some really nice weather lately but things are supposed to turn hot, so I decided now is a good time to switch things around and start leaving Lilly in during the day. The little yearling is still doing well, so he'll be in the barn to keep her company for a while, and I think the BO is going to bring her PMU gelding in soon too. He doesn't do well in the heat at all, so hopefully there will be another horse in the barn to keep her company. She's doing so well that it might not matter if she's alone or with a buddy, but I want her as happy as possible.

Knowing she'd be in the stall during the day now, I broke out the new fly boots. I got these for Christmas and have been anxious to try them out. Because Lilly has short, stubby QH legs, they're a little big for her front legs, but they fit her pretty well in the rear. I don't think she cares for them, but hopefully she'll get used to them.

Is it just me, or does she look a bit like a tank?
 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new barn? I think it's been a while, so let me just say, I LOVE MY BARN! I wasn't sure what the BO would think of fly boots since she'll have to take them off before turnout and put Lilly's bell boots on instead, but I called her to give her a heads up.

Her response (I'm paraphrasing): That's actually a great idea! With the fly boots, she might not stomp her feet as much and it might help her hooves!

That would never happen at any of the other barns. The fly boots would most certainly have been a no go. The BO also proceeded to tell me how much they love Lilly and how beautiful she is (all things I already know, of course). She said Lilly whinnied to her the other day and she thinks she's just the sweetest mare. They just love having her there.


  1. I'm sure their accommodating nature will end as soon as you start posting temperature requirements for all of your different winter blankets with specifics on when the neck cover should be used and switched between the two blankets....oh wait, that's me. Never mind.

    :) SOOOOOO happy to hear you liking your new barn!!! It's been a long time coming!

  2. That is so cool! Now that is what you call a good BO! I am so happy for you that everything has worked out!! Looks and sounds like a very excellent facility!!

  3. I'm so glad this barn is working for you. The BO sounds fantastic!

  4. Love the fly boots... LMK if they work out? I've been contemplating them for one of my boys. And I'm SOOO glad to hear that you're so happy with your barn. That's awesome - and a huge stress relief!

    PS. Yes, Lilly is looking a bit... large-ish. ;)

  5. I'm a big fly boot fan too.

  6. She seems to like the boots so far. The BO said she hasn't noticed any issues with them, so hopefully they'll work out and I can use them. :)

  7. That's the best! It's good to board somewhere that really makes the two of you happy. Those boots are too cute.