Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Round Pen Session

We got a lot of rain last night, into this morning. The ground was quite saturated and stayed wet for a good part of the morning. I went to the barn today around noon and when I got there I saw Lilly's head sticking out of her stall. For a brief moment I wondered why she was still in her stall... then the BO mentioned all the rain we had and she wanted to make sure it was mostly dry before she put Lilly in the pasture. She said she was just about to turn her out. Someone is following my instructions?! Nice!

Lilly has a stall across from a yearling who is visiting the farm for rehab purposes. The poor guy got into barbed wire (he was chased through horse fence into a cattle pasture with barbed wire) and they're not sure he's going to make it. His right hind leg is really bad and they've done numerous surgeries on him already. He's the sweetest little thing, and is apparently bred to the nines. He's a QH with a future in reining, or so we all hope. When Lilly is in the barn she keeps him company and he seems very attached to her.

I grabbed Lilly from her stall and gave her a much needed brushing. Her bridle path had gotten out of control too, so we clipped it back down. Because of the time, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to ride without rushing, so instead we went into the round pen. I must say, this round pen is awesome... it's flat, has wonderful footing, and is bigger than the one at the last place. I think this one is 60' and there's a lot more room to work. It's not as hard on Lilly either, because her circles can be bigger.

We started with some "hey, pay attention to me" exercises and then eventually I took her halter off to work on some free longeing. I always carry my motivator stick (crop with a plastic bag attached to the end) with me when we're doing round pen work, but it seems she cares less and less about it each day. Today she was especially lazy and I had to work pretty hard to get her to go.

Did you catch that last part where I said, "I had to work pretty hard to get her to go."

She was lazy?!


She was actually VERY good and never once bucked or raced around the arena. Her canter transitions were gorgeous and she remained calm and level headed during the entire session. This was the first time the BO has seen me work her, and she was quite impressed. Thanks Lilly for making me look good. :)

One of the geldings was in Lilly's pasture, so before turning her out I asked if Lilly was being turned out with Jack today. The BO said no, that she wanted to leave Lilly by herself for a few more days. She said Lilly seems to internalize things and worries a lot. (Ain't that the truth...) When the other horses went out this morning and she didn't, the BO said Lilly was not a happy camper. She seemed pretty content when I pulled her from the stall, so it's good that the anxiety is passing. Once I got her turned out, she ran over to the fence, but then left and started grazing. Friday and Saturday she spent most of her time hanging around the fence waiting for the other horses to come hang with her, but they lost interest in her pretty quickly and left. She waited anyway, so it's good to see her exploring and grazing for a change.

I just thought it was great that the BO is trying to help the situation and not just do what's easiest for her. Keeping Lilly by herself for a while, but in a location where she can see the other horses, should help her overcome this desperate need to be with them.

In other news, I'm still admiring her color, so I took a couple pictures to post:

Can I go out in the pasture now?

Chocolate...  YUMMY!
Nothing compares to how it looks in person, and I've noticed my screens at work make my pictures look icky. Perhaps they look more true on your monitors, but the dark areas are actually black hairs mixed with the caramel colored hairs. It's so pretty to me and I just love that color!

M and I leave for the Paint show on Friday and I have a million things to do. Hopefully Lilly is also preparing... it should be a lot of fun!


  1. She's beautiful! Sounds like the place is working out so far and the barn owner seems to pay attention, which is so important.

  2. Love the pictures! She looks amazing!

    I'm so happy to read about this great barn and that everything is going so well. Its nice to keep her somewhere that has her best interests at heart.

    WOO HOOO What a good roundpen session.

  3. Lilly is looking gorgeous!
    I'm liking the new barn, and the BO.

  4. Lilly looks fantastic! I think you finally found the right place for her, and you!! I am so happy for you both! I can't wait to hear how the show goes!

  5. My goodness, what a beautiful color Lilly has going on. I can only imagine how pretty she looks in person, all glittery white and chocolaty palomino. Gorgeous!

  6. Glad to hear the new place is going so well! The BO sounds amazing. I cant wait to hear how this weekend goes! (again, LOVE HER COLOR!)

  7. How in the world do you keep her so clean? Her whites are so white.

    Good luck at the show, bring home some blue ribbons!

  8. I'm definitely loving the new place! And thanks for all the compliments... sometimes I think I'm biased. ;)

    Thankfully Lilly keeps herself fairly clean. I appreciate it greatly, too! She enjoys a good roll in the sand, but she is hardly ever muddy. She's a prissy princess!

  9. Her color is amazing. :) And Lazy Lilly - she must be on Safe Choice for once!

  10. Actually, she's still on the alfalfa pellets, which is even better! The BO said she'll feed Lilly whatever I want and even went to the feed store the day after we arrived and stocked up on pellets. :)