Saturday, May 7, 2011

More On the New Place

Originally I had planned to take Lilly up to the fairgrounds for the Carolina Mane Event show. I wasn't sure if I was going to show or not, but I wanted to take her up there to see how she would do without Baby. After much debate, I decided at the last minute to stay home. Next weekend is the big Paint show in South Carolina and I hadn't even de-winterized my horse trailer yet.

When I was talking to the BO earlier today, she told me that Lilly was quite frisky when they turned her out this morning. While chatting with her horsey friends over the fence, she decided to strike out at them with her front leg and took down the top board of the fence.


Here's a picture of Lilly next to the fence:

This fence is pretty tall!
 How in the world did she get her leg up high enough to take down the top board?? The BO said she's quite impressed with Lilly so far. She thinks she's amazingly athletic. She's something alright...

I snapped a couple more pictures while I was there.

The round pen complete with tick eating guineas.

The wonderful new arena!
I hitched up the horse trailer while I was there and brought it back to my house for a thorough cleaning and de-winterizing. The neighbors thought I was a little strange, but whatever.

Like new except for a few customizations, courtesy of Lilly.

You don't see one of these in the neighborhood very often!
I was hoping I'd have time to ride today but the horse trailer literally took me half a day. Add in all the other errands and there just wasn't time. Tomorrow will probably be a round pen day because Lilly seemed a little oblivious to me today when I was trying to take her fly sheet off. I need to get her mind in the right place, so we'll start there and see how it goes.


  1. I like it when the neighbors think I am a little strange ;-) Hope you get a ride in today.

  2. Im glad YOU like those guinea fowl...Ive had my fair share of them and I cannot STAND them! First it was at Js and the two fowl were EVIl and would chase you around and peck at your heels. You seriously had to have something in your hands to wack at them with or you were getting seriously scratched. Then they were at my third boarding place and were load and annoying and would perch on the arena rail. Once Milo and I rode by and he WACKED HIS HEAD INTO THEM knocking them off the rail! Guess hedoesnt like them just as much as me. Oh and now at our house and property there are a couple of our neighbor's and they seem to love coming onto our property and being a huge loud annoyance. They better be careful cause boyfriend is a sharp hunter and Ive heard that fowl breast is delicious!

    At any rate, the place still looks beautiful, and I too am surprised Lilly could reach that top rail!!

  3. Lovely place.

    It's amazing how high some horses can strike. I had a rank black mare that was bad about having her bridle path clipped. My boyfriend at the time was helping me by holding the hand twitch (just one of those hand squeeze ones). I told him repeatedly not to stand in front of her...not when a horse is being clipped and especially not when you have a hold of their top lip. Not 2-seconds after I reminded him a.g.a.i.n. to move to the side, she reached up and struck him on top of the head. He was only about 5'7" tall, but still. All she did was kind of sink back and wham, she nailed him. Rung his bell, but thankfully she was barefoot and didn't kill him.

  4. Perhaps Miss Lilly reared up a bit?

    That arena is huge!

  5. Yankee, probably the only thing that would have made them look at me more cross-eyed is if I pulled a horse out of the trailer! :)

    Milo, these are actually the neighbor's guineas, and they have a TON of them. I actually passes a mushed one in the road today and I hear honking all the time out front. No doubt they're in the road often. I've never had an issue with them before, and they really do eat a lot of bugs, so hopefully these guys stay far away from me. I've never seen them chase people around before!

    Cowgirls, that's impressive! Good thing he wasn'tmore seriously injured. I got whacked with a hoof on the top of my head once... but the horse reared up and came down on top of me. It's crazy what they can do!

    Terry, that's quite possible! The BO said she saw her strike out but perhaps she put a little rear into it to get some extra umph! :)

  6. The new place looks really nice!! I would love to have a round pen that's separate from the arena, I have to take my arena panels apart to make a round pen when I need one. It's such a pain!
    I need to clean my trailer and wash it too!! It gets the green gunk all over it from all the trees we have around here. I am still waiting for some warm weather to do that!

  7. Wow, it looks grand, and Lilly looks fantastic even if she is bent on taking the top rail off her paddock.

    Also, when you're done with your trailer, wanna come help me with mine? ;) Yours is so CLEAN!!!

  8. I actually had a bit of fun washing my trailer... there's just something to be said for a job well done. It's been on my mind for a while and I'm glad to finally have it squeaky clean!