Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Showing After All

Lilly is all clipped and my trailer is ready to go! Except... I'm not going to the Paint show this weekend after all. M and I were going to haul down on Friday but something has come up and she won't be able go. I considered going on my own, but these shows are pretty pricey when you add in all the expenses (gas, stalls, RV parking, food) that are included in a show like this. Not to mention the actual show expenses (shavings, classes, fees). While Lilly is doing well with her rehab, we're certainly not breed show caliber at this point in time. The Paint show was just going to be a fun weekend, spent with two beautiful Paint mares and a good friend. Subtract the good friend and one of the beautiful Paint mares, and a lot of that fun goes away.

There'll be other Paint shows. Maybe by then we'll be a bit more ready for the competition.

In other news, the BO sent me an email today asking if I've ever had an issue getting Lilly to eat her alfalfa pellets. Apparently she's eating lots of hay but seems disinterested in the pellets. The BO tried waiting to give Lilly hay until later in the evening to see if she'd eat the pellets if no hay was available, but most of the pellets were still there. She said Lilly whinnied to her when she came into the barn. It's like she was saying, "thank goodness you're here! You forgot my hay!"

Unless it's carrots, Lilly isn't very food motivated. She's never been a chowhound and if there's something more interesting going on around her, she could care less about food. The BO commented about that today too. So we're trying to think of something we can add to the pellets (that's not carbs) to make them more tasty.

She also commented on how Lilly has really settled in. She said one of the geldings was whinnying to her yesterday and Lilly completely ignored him. Even the yearling was crying for her when she came in for dinner, but like a good girl she just kept walking. She said Lilly is a super sweet mare with great manners and they just love her. Me too!


  1. Sorry you aren't going to the show, but it makes sense. Lily is so pretty. Hope you get to show her soon.
    Our horses LOVE alfalfa cubes, but they are like equine Labs :)

  2. Failure to eat pellets and preference for hay can sometimes be a sign of ulcers - try some Maalox for a few days and if that works then you'll know.

    Or if she doesn't like them, try putting some oil on - not corn oil, but rather an oil with a better Omega 3/6 ratio, like cocosoya oil - all of our horses love it and it also does a good job of concealing supplements.

  3. I think you hit the jackpot. A BO that not only noticed, but contacted you immediately about Lilly not eating her pellets? OMG! A BO that cares. What a novelty.

    My thought ran along the same lines as Kate's. It's not really normal for a horse to turn down food at feeding time. I mean there could be all kinds of reasons, but ulcers is usually the prime reason horses will refuse to eat grains or a pelleted food. However, I did have to start graining my bunch earlier in the day. Since they get turned out in the evenings, they started to get antsy about wanting out and wouldn't finish their grain.

  4. Well since you're at a new barn and Lilly doesn't go for the pellets, why not feed regular alfalfa? It's stemmier and has more fiber so it's better for them anyway, plus it has calcium to act as a buffer in case she does have ulcers.

    If you've got supplements that she needs and the pellets hide them, you could try a couple of handfuls of soaked beet pulp. Supplements stick really well to the wet pulp and while beet pulp was initially met with suspicion at my house, they now LOVE it.