Saturday, May 21, 2011


I admit it... I've been slacking this past week. Not only have I not written anything in my blog in over a week, I haven't even been to the barn to see Lilly since last Friday.

I had a really busy week with appointments in the middle of my off time, so it didn't give me much of an opportunity to spend any quality time at the barn. Last weekend and this weekend I've had a crazy schedule at work (working midnight shifts to cover for a co-worker) so I didn't want to ride Lilly without being rested and ready to mentally commit to her.

Another part of me is SO happy with where she's at, that I feel like I don't have to go over every day to check on her and make sure everything is ok. The BO emails or calls if there's an issue and nothing significant has come up, so I've just been staying home enjoying some me time. It has actually been very therapeutic. This is the first time in over a year that she's been happy, healthy, and in a good place.

I used this week to relax and recharge and not worry myself sick about how Lilly is doing at the barn. I took some time to work on my second favorite hobby... something that I haven't been able to do for a very long time.


I have some cherry tomato plants in a self watering planter (we have way too much clay for a "normal" garden), hanging baskets, potted flowers, and I gave the shade garden in the backyard a makeover:

Hostas, Heucheras, Lilies of the Valley, and Aquilegia
I still need to get this bed and the one on the other side of the patio mulched (if Lowe's ever gets my mulch back in stock) and they'll be done. I had to divide the Hosta plants and tried to make the ground a little more conducive to growing plants, so I hope I don't kill them with kindness. They were thriving in our rock hard, clay "dirt"...

I have a few plants left to dress up the area around the mailbox and I'll have all my little garden projects complete.

Next week I'll get back to my regularly scheduled program. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Nice that you can finally relax and be comfortable with the care she's getting!

  2. I remember that same sense of relief after I moved to the new barn. The fear and guilt I would feel when I didn't get to the barn every single day was gone. Welcome to that glorious feeling! Now you can concentrate on what's important: MORE BLUE RIBBONS!

  3. Glad youre feeling secure enough with Lilly at the new place. Gardening must be on the mind lately, as last weekend with the tractor at our place we rototilled us a nice big patch of dirt to start our vegetable garden. While you might have clay, I swear Seabeck is entirely rocks becuase I have been spending far too much time picking rocks out of our garden - which I now feel is too big! I see more rock picking in my future next week...

  4. You deserve to slack. It's a wonderful feeling to know that Lilly's fine without you. You'll recharge and be raring to work with her again!