Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Much For Great Ideas

Every time I think I have a great idea, something goes wrong. There was the day I was riding and wanted to snap pictures of us cantering around the arena. I spent a great deal of time setting up my camera in the arena and when the time came to take the pictures with my remote, my camera wouldn't cooperate. I had another great idea today, and while I didn't have any technical issues, I did have stubborn mare issues. :)

I wanted to work Lilly in the round pen and take a few pictures to show how much she has progressed and how responsive she is when we work without the halter. I can point my finger and she moves off in that direction, I can jog and she'll jog, I can skip and she'll canter, and when I jog again, she jogs. It's beautiful!

Once we got settled in the arena I did some warm up with her. I got a little bit of attitude, but it was really hot today so I promised her we wouldn't work too long. I hung my camera around my neck and asked her to jog... she jogged and I picked up my camera to take a picture and she shot off like a rocket!

"Take a picture of THIS!"
After getting her calmed down and working again, I asked her to jog... she jogged and as I put the camera up to my face, she again shot off like a rocket!

"This makes for a better picture!"
It was as if she was saying, "if you're not putting 100% into this, neither am I" and she was an absolute brat when I tried to take pictures of her.

It was impossible to get anything done.

After putting the camera down and working her with 100% of my attention focused on her, we were able to accomplish some nice transitions and a relaxed jog... you know, the things I wanted to get pictures of. So I thought maybe I could sneak in a few more pictures now that I had her working nicely.

So I grabbed the camera and sent her back out. Every time I put the camera to my eye, Lilly did this:

"If you ain't working, I ain't working!"
I found it rather amusing because the instant I put the camera to my face she would either take off, stop completely, or come into the center of the arena.

Why can't she just mindlessly jog around the arena like a good girl? I guess it's not a bad thing that she's so in tune to my body language, but it sure makes it difficult to take any pictures.

And she looks so sweet...
The fly boots are working ok so far... I'm still on the fence about them but they definitely help keep her happy in the stall.

By the way, Blogger is being a giant pain and I can't seem to comment on anyone else's posts. So Milo, if you end up seeing like 25 comments from me that say the exact same thing, I'm really sorry!

Oh, and even though Lilly is one of the cleanest horses on the planet, I entered her in Ashley's ShowSheen contest!


  1. Maybe she is just trying to figure out what the black box signal is!! LOL sounds so funny!
    I must tell you I love the mid run pose!

  2. No matter what she wasn't doing right, she looks beautiful doing it!!! Is it just me or is she keeping her dark color longer this year?

    Does your camera have a setting to do incremental photos? I tried to use that for Xmas card photos one year taking a photo every 10 seconds. They were hilarious and I really wish I had saved them to make a video out of. You could just set the camera on a tripod and video it, too.

  3. Blessed Rain, she's definitely trying to figure it out! LOL

    Thanks, SillyPony! She is keeping her dark color longer this year and I'm not entirely sure why. If you look closely you can tell where her fly sheet stops because the color on her neck is slightly faded, but she always wears her sheet and tends to get lighter anyway. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the feed change.

    My camera will take about 2 pictures per second until the buffer is full and then it needs to take a break to save the images to the card... but I got quite a few funny pictures of her today goofing off. The tripod idea might work too if I can find a good place to put the camera. Then I have to hope my remote works this time... :)

  4. Didn't you know that raising a black box to your face means GO!?!? ;)

  5. I was roundpenned a few weeks ago. I'd finally latched onto the person who was directing me, feeling the invisible lines running from her hands to my hips and shoulders... when she reached up with her left hand and scratched her neck. It totally threw me off, such a weird feeling.

    I think the pictures are quite entertaining :)

  6. jenj, I had no idea! Now I know, thanks to Lilly! LOL

    smazourek, you're too funny! That's exactly how Lilly reacted the first time, and then each time after that she just went crazy!

  7. Haahaahaa...She is 'gittin' it'.

    Oh well. We'll take your word for it that she is doing wonderful and just appreciate the pics of Miss Lily in all her glory.

  8. That second photo is pretty impressive!

  9. Hahahha! Oh Lilly, but thats a good thing, right? She still looks beautiful. Hmm havent seen any comments...? :)

  10. But it looks like she was having so much fun! Don't ya love it when you want it to be all about work and they have a totally different idea about what work is?
    Lilly looks so good!!

  11. LOL! Silly Lilly! Love the pics, shes sucha beauty!

  12. She's a beautiful horse. I like the third picture, it shows her athleticism.

  13. Thanks everyone! She keeps me humble, that's for sure. :)