Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mystery Scrapes

Another scorcher today... my truck said it was 97 degrees outside. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Lilly today, but I had a bag of carrots that needed to find their way to the barn refrigerator. The BO had emailed me about a few scrapes on Lilly's leg, but she said they weren't anything to worry about. She said they weren't there when she brought her inside yesterday, but were there when she turned her out last night. I can't find anything she could have scraped her legs on, but you know how horses are.

Mystery scrapes...
When I saw them this morning, Lilly's right hind was pretty swollen. I asked the BO about swelling and she said nothing was swollen this morning when she brought Lilly in. I'm guessing she's just stocked up so I cold hosed her legs and slapped some Swat on there to keep the pesky flies away.

The BO's hubby has been doing some work on the arena, so it's temporarily out of service. Lilly's leg and the arena gave me a good reason not to feel guilty about skipping a ride, so I just groomed her and fixed her tail. Her tail bag has a small hole in the bottom, so her tail keeps poking out. You'd think I'd just go ahead and replace it since they're like, what? $8?

Lilly was happy about not going for a ride today, but she didn't show much emotion.

Whatever, mom...
In other news, I took myself to the "vet" the other day for some routine blood work. As it turns out, I have virtually zero vitamin B in my body. On a scale of 200-900, my levels came in at a whopping 211.

My doctor is like, "have you been feeling run down and out of energy?" Not particularly, but if my levels have always been low, I might not know what I'm missing... I can always use more energy! So she suggested I start taking a B complex vitamin and she thinks I'll notice a difference. So I have my very own SmartPak now. :)

Funny how we rush right out and get whatever our horses need, but then forget all about taking care of ourselves. I'm anxious to see if I notice a difference.


  1. Do you think she might have kicked through the fence while swatting at flies? Hope she heals up fast :)

  2. During the time frame that she hurt herself she was inside in her stall, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the flies. I just don't know what she would have scraped them on... perhaps the air? :)

  3. Water bucket? Being in the stall puts a new spin on it...

  4. You never know what they can ding themselves on. It's particularly frustrating on the white ones.

    Eat more peppers! I eat dried bell peppers as a snack. They are surprisingly tasty and packed with B & C and lycopene. I dry my own, but you can find them in the specialty foods section. Of course a pill is simple, but snacks are fun!

  5. I know somewhere you can get a tailbag for $6.00 and 25% of the sale goes to a horse rescue. :) The person who makes them is a bit looney. ;0) okay, okay it's me....

    Hope she feels better soon!!

  6. Just the other day I was talking about how I never schedule DR appointments and how I just assume whatever a human doctor says is the absolute truth.. The Boy glared at me and asked "why then, do we haul your horse to like 18 different vets before you decide on anything!?"

    oops :)

  7. Barn gremlins- they're the only explanation...

  8. Most definitely gremlins or perhaps you do have some particularly coarse air. Nice to know that the BO is still noticing the little things...and telling you.

    After noticing how much better my horses have been with additional magnesium in their diet...and the fact that my family seems to be inclined toward thyroid problems...I started taking a magnesium pill. I feel w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. It's been a long time since I have been able to sustain this level of energy.

    Hope the B-vitamins give you the boost you didn't even know you needed. ;-)

  9. Dom, with Lilly you just never know! LOL

    Cedar, the problem is that I don't really like any of the foods that have B vitamins in them... I swear I have the tastebuds of a 6 year old. I'm getting better, though.

    Denali, if I can remember to check out your Facebook page when I'm at home, I'll definitely check that out! Can't beat helping a charity AND getting a tailbag!

    Gingham, that's exactly true! My BF gets on my case all the time about how I treat Lilly compared to how I treat myself. It's jsut somehow different with them!

    Smazourek, I think you're on to something!!

    Cowgirls, my BO is still amazing for sure! She's the best!

    I haven't noticed a difference with the B vitamins yet, but I'm going to give them some time. They're water soluble and have to be replaced daily, so I don't think there's a build up period or anything, but time will tell. They help in other areas that might not be felt at all, so I'll stay on them until my next appointment in October and see how my levels look then.

    I'm glad you were able to find such a benefit with magnesium! Something so simple that can make such a big difference!