Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Made It 6 Whole Weeks!

I wonder if Blogger will ever update the status of the blog issues everyone is having?

Anyway, we've been having 100 degree days here in North Carolina. Well, with the heat index we're registering around 103 or so and the only things loving this heat are my cherry tomato plants. I have a ton of little green tomatoes that I cannot wait to snack on!!

I actually love the heat too, but I wouldn't feel right working Lilly in those kinds of temperatures. She's happier in her stall with a hay bag and a fan. I've been visiting her, though, and we spend a little bit of time in the round pen just to keep her mind in work mode. I feel terribly guilty when I can't/don't work her because it feels like her fitness level declines, and then when I do finally get on again to do some real work, I'm extremely cautious of what I do with her. It feels like we have to start all over again, over and over and over. This ligament issue haunts me every single day and I probably baby her a little bit more than she needs. I just can't help but err on the side of caution because if something were to happen while I was riding... I'd be devastated.

My farrier came out this morning for a scheduled trim and reset. We haven't had one of those in a long time, so I was very happy to show him two front hooves complete with shoes when he arrived. He said her feet are looking really good and he can tell that we've been keeping her in when it's wet outside. The crater has grown out completely and we have two functional front hooves! It's the little things that matter where Lilly is concerned.

I hope everyone is staying cool!


  1. Staying cool? We finaly got above 70F this week! We've had sun for more than 2 days in a row, and we finaly got to mow our lawns last week for the first time :) Want to come live in Canada now?

  2. If I go to blogs via google reader and try to comment it tells me some error message about JavaScript and Cookies. But if I go through my Blogger dashboard its fine. I've heard complaints from other blog circles, too. I've gotten into the habit of copying all my comments before hitting the publish button just in case I get the runaround.

    SOOO glad you've reached normalcy with her hooves. New barn, new hooves, new possibilities. Rock on!

  3. In the 100's? Wow. We can barely get above 60 and it's still raining. I'm really looking forward to some actual real sunny, warm weather. At this rate, I don't know if it's gonna happen!
    Great news about Lilly's hooves. That is awesome!

  4. That's good news about Lilly's feet.

    I hear ya on the condition thing. We had 2 weeks of crazy weather and I slacked off of feels like I am right back at square one again.

  5. It's been 90+ here for the past couple of days so I haven't been riding either. I feel that if the horses are sweating just standing around it's too hot to ride. Fortunately we've just gotten a big drop in temps so I'm riding tonight!

  6. I actually love the hot weather, Sam, but the horses don't seem to! Well, that and it's always really humid when we have these kinds of temps.

    SillyPony, I think it might be a browser issue... if I try to sign out of my blog and go to another one of my blogs, I can't. I'm stuck on this one, and still can't comment. I don't get errors, I just get stuck in a loop.

    PaintGirl, hopefully your neck of the woods warms up here shortly. It is June after all!

    Cowgirls, I wonder what the ratio of "time off" to "fitness lost" is? I'm never really sure.

    Smazourek, I completely agree. When Lilly is in the stall, in front of a fan, and she's sweating, it's most likely too hot to ride outside. If I had a shady arena, then it might be different. Time to start offering suggestions to the BO! :)

  7. A little too cool here in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the ski slopes are still open. I'm wondering if the snow in the mountains will melt enough for riding this year. :(

  8. Wow, Buckskins! Sounds like there's too much snow where you live!