Friday, July 22, 2011

Body Score?

As you may (or may not) recall, Lilly and AJ had a visit from the nutritionist back in November. At that time, he said he thought my horse was a bit on the pudgy side and scored her at a 7 on the body condition score chart.

Here's a picture of her from around that time:

Does she look like a 7 to anyone else? I thought she looked more like a 6, but I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. (Maybe he was just trying to sell me food...)

I took these pictures today, which are a bit better than the one I have from November, but I don't think she looks like a 7 here either.

Am I in denial?

Does she look heavier now than she did in November? I know it's hard to tell with the pictures, but I'm working on her diet (again) and I'm trying to get an accurate weight and body score. I know it's a lot easier to gauge which number they are when you can run your hands along the key areas, but I think she looks more like a 6.

I need an actual scale because I think this whole weight tape/body length x heart girth stuff is a racket. Measure an inch behind the point of her withers? What if she has giant withers?

The weight tape says she weighs 1130 lbs, but the measurement system says she weighs 1062 lbs. Add 'em up and divide by 2? That's 1096 lbs which is about what the nutrition guy said she weighed back in November. Round her up and say she weighs 1100 lbs...

Good times...

Lilly wants to know why I had her out in 110+ degree heat to take silly pictures of her.

"It's hot out here... can we go back inside now?"


  1. she's more than a 5 and less than an 8 (IHO)... either way she is one sweet pretty pony!

  2. Lilly does look different - shes more toned. She has a nicer hip, and her tummy is tucked up more. As far as the number, I dont know. BUt I think she looks good. And thats all I care about!

  3. She looks pretty good to me - but it helps to have pictures from front and back as well.

  4. Lilly looks great to me! She really is glowing, so beautiful! I love that last picture of her, she does look a bit put out with whatever you were doing with her, lol.

  5. She looks text book 7 to me. That's not a bad thing!

  6. She looks very pretty to me. : )

  7. Thanks for the input everyone! She does look pretty, doesn't she? Such a sweet pony... :)

    I read somewhere that stock horses should be between 5 and 7 on the scale. Maybe she's not as fat as I think she is?

    I definitely don't want her skinny, but because of her tendon and ligament issues, I prefer she be a little on the lighter side of things.

    Nutrition is such a challenge! It's one of those things that constantly changes... it feels like I'm adjusting her feed all the time!