Friday, August 19, 2011

Going For A Walk

I can see it now... you guys are going to get so bored with me. "Oh look, MORE pictures of Lilly's feet! Yay..." It's been almost a week and even though I'm taking way too many pictures for myself, I'll try to only post pictures of her heels and soles, and anything else that I find interesting, so I minimize the number of boring hoof pictures.

That said, here are some hoof pictures. :)

Left Heel
Left Sole
Right Heel
Right Sole
There's an area about the width of a normal driveway covered with stones that she has to walk across to get into the barn from the pasture. Usually she has her boots on already, but if she doesn't, I put them on. Today, though, I left the boots off to see how she would do. We went very slow and I allowed her to choose the path. Her right hoof seems to be more tender than her left but she did about as well as I expected. Cat had mentioned that it would be good to walk her on the stones a bit, but to let her go as slowly as she needed to, so that's what I was trying to accomplish today. If I don't subject Lilly's feet to anything but soft, sandy pastures, her feet won't adapt to the more challenging surfaces.

I went to the barn today with the intention of riding Lilly. I was going to use her boots and ride her around bareback in the round pen. I planned on mostly walking, but thought I might throw in a little bit of trotting if her feet felt good. I really just wanted to get her out and spend some time with her. My plan changed from riding her in the round pen to riding her up and down the driveway without her boots. The driveway is concrete and since walking her around on different surfaces is good for her during the transition, I thought we would benefit more from the harder surface. In the end, though, I decided just to take her for a walk so I could keep a better eye on her feet. I also felt guilty about adding extra weight to her already "heavy" frame. (She's not fat!) :)

The driveway is nice because it goes uphill a bit, and I could tell it was more difficult for her coming back down. She seemed to do really well for the most part except when we had to turn around or if she happened to step on a rock.

During our walk we encountered many scary monsters. Farm equipment, boats, piles of dirt, a doggy pool... she was terrified of all of them. She tried to be brave and never spooked, but they all got the evil eye and a good snort, just to make sure they didn't snort back. True to form, though, she didn't care at all about the other pile of dirt that was covered by a giant, blue tarp that was flapping wildly in the breeze. Nope, that's not scary, but watch out for the doggy pool!!

After I got her used to the doggy pool during the first lap, she insisted on stopping by the second time around. She didn't know the doggy pool was filled with water... water is fun!! She splashed and drank and played... she was definitely having a good time.

I thought it would make a super cute video, so I took her back into the barn to get my iPhone. When we went back out to the doggy pool, she was over it.

Typical... Anyway, here's where we took our walk.

That's Luna in the picture. You can see she's very casually making her way over to the pasture where she found a nice spot in some tall grass to get in a good scratch. After getting up out of the grass, she walked over to the horses' water trough and jumped in! Forget the fact that she has her own personal doggy pool and a giant pond in the back yard... water troughs are way more fun!

As soon as she noticed me, she quickly hopped out, but not before I could take a picture of her being a bad dog! Wait until I show her mom!

She is SO busted!


  1. See! Not all hoof pictures! There's naughty dog and silly pony pics too! : )

  2. Love the hoof pix (and dog pix!). Sorry I got so far behind - I missed the shoe pulling AND AJ's sickness! Glad he's doing well again (and that he looks 10 years younger than his real age). Anyway that's a great driveway to walk Lilly around on!

  3. What a pretty place. So glad the transition is going well.

  4. That is awesome so excited for you


  5. I'm so glad that she's doing well so far. Looking at your last few posts I know that you're worried about her still landing toe first but if you look at her heels you'll see why- there's no substance to the back of her foot which means that there isn't any shock absorption back there. It will take movement and time to build that up. Be patient and take it slow, she'll get there :)