Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricanes and Vacations

Hurricane Irene "ripped" through my area early this morning and we're still getting a lot of wind and some rain but we didn't suffer any major damage here. We never lost power but a lot of residents in this area did. I checked on Lilly and she is happy as a clam inside the barn. We decided that was the best place for the horses but the BO promised to put her back outside as soon as she thought it was safe.

I've been walking Lilly up and down the driveway at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes to harden the soles of her feet. I haven't had her boots on since we went for a ride and she seems to be doing really well. The BO said she saw Lilly running around out in the pasture on Thursday, so that's a good sign. I spoke to Rebecca about the chipping and the fact that her boots weren't fitting very well because of it. She had me send some pictures to her so she could see what type of chipping Lilly was having. She reassured me that it's all around the nail holes and it's to be expected. She also poked at me again about learning how to smooth out chips and rough edges between trimmings. She said it'll help keep the hooves from being damaged and it'll ensure her boots fit like they should. She said she might even be able to get me a used rasp so I don't have to purchase one. Cat is next on the list to come out so I'll see if she's willing to show me (I know she'll say yes) so I might be learning how to keep things looking nice here shortly. GULP

Rebecca also said that walking on the driveway will harden the sole, but walking in sand and even in her boots with the Happy Hoof pads will help increase blood flow and encourage the sole to grow. I was thinking the boots were more for helping her if she was sore, but I'm going to start rotating then into the rehab program as well so she can grow lots of hard sole!

In other news, tomorrow the BF and I are heading down to Miami so we can catch a ride on Majesty of the Seas for a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas (assuming they're still there when we get there). We're very excited and can't wait, even though it'll be the last real vacation of the summer.

I hope everyone has a great week and stay safe if you're in Irene's path!


  1. Glad yall did well through the hurricane!

    Ive always wanted to know how to use a rasp! Thats so nice you have so many people that can give you instruction on how to do it WELL!

    Hey, my bro and sis in law are in the bahamas right now on a carnival cruise! They had to detour a bit in key west but they should be there now. Yall have fun!

  2. I'm glad I found your blog. We live north west of central NC and we got NO rain from the hurricane. Could have used it. I'm getting my horse TODAY and I find your blog very interesting. I'm a follower now. My horse is a barefoot horse and I am learning all sorts of new things.... if I go trail riding in the mountians, I will consider boots. I guess that is what "everyone" does around here.... Your horses are beautiful.

  3. Don't be scared of using the rasp! I promise it isn't too difficult, and it's VERY hard to screw up and sore your horse just using a rasp. I actually have an old one you can have (no rust or anything) if you'd like. I just bought a new one because with our drought here Halo's feet have been super tough and I needed a brand new sharper one. Email me at audissius at gmail if you are interested.

  4. Glad to hear you came through the hurricane ok.

    It sounds like Lilly is doing well with her transition to being barefoot. Quite the adventure!

    Have fun on your vacation.

  5. Glad Irene wasn't too bad for you!

    Your trimmer's right on all counts. Especially rasping. If you just smooth out the chips, you can't do any more damage than she's already done. Just for the love of god wear gloves! or you'll rasp a knuckle off. This is the voice of experience speaking. Multiple times, cause I'm stubborn. Gardening gloves, the mesh ones with the palms and fingers dipped in latex, work the best that I've found.

  6. Terry, this will be our second cruise and we had so much fun the first time, we thought we'd do it again! :)

    Britnie, I'm a nervous wreck, but I'm also excited about learning how to help take care of my horse's feet. I hope your brother and sister in law had as much fun as we did!

    Margaret, thank you for stopping by and following the crazy adventures of Lilly. I went over to check out your blog and the pictures are amazing!! Congratulations on your new horse and I'll definitely be following your blog as well. :)

    Spaz, thanks again! ;)

    Story, I'm really happy with the way things are progressing with Lilly. I hope things continue to improve.

    Thanks for the gloves recommendation, Funder. I will learn from your mistakes and try to save my knuckles! LOL