Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quick Ride

Yes I took hoof pictures today... no I'm not going to bore you by posting them because they look a lot like the ones I posted last time. They are starting to chip a bit, though, and I've put in an email to my trimmer to see if that's okay or if I should try to schedule something before my next appointment. She told me early on that chipping would occur (especially because of the nail holes) and it isn't a big deal, but since we're trying to train the new growth, I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not.

There's a new horse at the barn (an OTTB, I think) and he was occupying the round pen area, so I took Lilly for a ride in the arena today. We still went bareback, but I put the bridle on just in case. The arena hasn't been dragged in a while, so I rode her in the boots and she did really well. We mostly just walked, but I couldn't help myself and we trotted some too. She felt really good and not off at all!

After I was done riding, I hopped off at the far end of the arena and walked her back to the barn without boots. We had to walk across a variety of footing so I thought it would be good for her. She's doing really well on the rocks around the barn too... she still has a difficult time, of course, but she improves each time I walk her across them.

Barefoot is going well!! :)


  1. YAY for the ride. I'm glad she is sound.

    WOOO HOO Music is here! I love that pony!!

  2. That's fantastic news! I wouldn't worry about minor chips on the wall - that's just the hoof self-trimming. If it's a huge chunk then yes, be concerned, but if it's just little chips off the edges, you can file that out yourself.

  3. That's so cool that you know Music, Alex! Hope he and Lilly don't get together and talk about you... LOL

    Jen, you said "file that out yourself"... LOL I'm terrified to touch her feet right now. Maybe in a few months after I've seen my trimmer do it a time or two. But I was hoping it wasn't a big deal, especially since it's close to where the nail holes were.

    Terry, yay is right! WOOHOO! :)

  4. Im so glad things are going well!

    But you shouldnt have added that last line. Knowing Lily, you just jinxed yourself. Lol heres hoping not!

  5. Aw, Milo! Don't you think it's time for me to catch a break? LOL

  6. Coming over to leave an in-depth response to your comment over at my place :)

    I have only found 1 book that is helpful in teaching you how to trim and that's Cheryl's book from ABC Hoofcare. You might head over to Hoof Mechanics and buy her videos- I really liked those and she learned from Cheryl too.

    Other than that, continue with your research- watch and read all you can. I do have to say that I thought Pete Ramey's book was next to useless, along with Nic Barker's book. Gene O's website has helpful trimming guidelines but you really have to dig to find them now.

    Yay about Lilly feeling good enough to ride!

  7. Smaz, are you referring to the Training Manual for sale on her site?

    I think even Pete Ramey says Pete Ramey's book is useless. He's changed his opinions a lot since he wrote that book, so I didn't figure it would be a good reference. The only other book I can find is Nic Barker's book and you think that one was useless too? It's time for someone to write a good book!!

    Guess I'll just have to question my trimmers and keep reading.