Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She's Trotting!

I went to visit my sweet girl today to remove her hoof boots for a while. I'm really hoping she'll be sound in the pasture without them and I can use them for activities outside of her pasture instead. I've asked the BO to keep a close eye on her tonight and let me know if she seems uncomfortable.

When I arrived, she was way out in the far corner of the pasture. I called to her but she just looked at me and then went back to grazing... so after walking the entire length of the pasture, I finally reached her and she very politely asked for the "hello carrot" she knew I had for her. I fed her the carrot, sprayed her with fly spray, and then removed her boots. After giving her the "goodbye carrot", I started walking back toward the gate and she followed me. After walking together for a while, I decided to start jogging, and she followed suit. Before long I was running and she was trotting as fast as she could to keep up with me! She started tossing her head and even jumped around a bit before we got to the gate.

My girl's feet must be feeling good! I hope after having the boots off all afternoon she's still feeling that good tonight. :)

Here's another random observation I've made about Lilly since Rebecca pulled her shoes... she's resting her hind feet a lot. Lilly has never been one to rest and I find it interesting that she's started doing that. In my very uneducated mind, it seems like she would want to keep as much weight off her front feet as possible, but yet I see her standing there resting her hind feet all the time now. I'm intrigued!


  1. Yay trotting!

    Isn't it interesting the things we note about our equine friends when we suddenly start paying attention to their feet? Maybe it's because her back feels better, or that she can feel her front feet. Neat observation though!

  2. This is sounding very good! Yay!

  3. Yeah for your sweet girl! She's feeling good in her aunatural state :) Thank you so much for your email and the information. I'm strongly considering this direction for the Roany Pony...