Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bombers and Boots

I went out to the barn today for boot maintenance and when I drove past Lilly in the pasture, I saw she was being accosted by one of those giant biting flies (you all know the ones I'm talking about)! So I parked as quickly as I could and ran out to the pasture to try and save my sweet girl. As soon as she saw me, she took off at a dead run from the other end of the pasture towards the gate and very desperately tried to point me in the right direction by throwing her hind end in my general direction. I missed the darn thing the first time, but they don't give up that easily, so when it landed again I smacked it hard and then squished it into the ground when it fell.

Those things are awful!!

After the whole incident was over, though, I wondered if it hurt her feet to run at a gallop like that...

Otherwise, not much new on the Lilly front. I'm cleaning the boots, cleaning her feet, treating for thrush, and then back out she goes. The boots are doing really well, though, and I don't see any rub marks on her feet at all. If you're looking for a new boot, or perhaps want to have one on hand if your horse loses a shoe at some point, I very highly recommend the EasyBoot Trail. I just love them!!


  1. OMG yes, we used to call those things B-52 bombers! I remember the entire herd of horses would gallop off to get away from one of them, and they were soooo big you could see them from the other side of the pasture! I also remember the worst part - smooshing them always ended with a giant handful of bug goo. Gross.

    Glad to hear her feet are doing well and the boots are holding up! I don't have Easyboot Trails, I have Gloves and Epics, but I sure do like them.

  2. Those are the ones!! They're just awful and I hate how miserable they make the horses. And the fact that they land right in the middle of their back where the horses can't reach them is just wrong!

    And you have to hit them HARD or they just fly away, so it's funny when the horses are begging you to get the bug but then you have to smack the crap out of it... Lilly always looks at me like, "did you really have to hit me that hard?" Yes!! :)

  3. I was just looking at the EasyBoot Trail in the Valley Vet catalog today and wondering if they would work for me. Thanks for posting about them!

  4. They are great, at least for my horse's feet. She's constantly stepping all over herself and she wears them 24/7 in the pasture and they've stayed on and held up! They're easy to put on and easy to clean. I love them!