Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boot Fail


Could the stars align just for a few weeks? Heck, even a few days? That's not asking too much, is it?

I went to the barn every excited to try out the dressage saddle idea. Both the BO and a fellow boarder had offered up their saddles so I had about 4 to choose from.

When I got Lilly from the pasture, she walked up to me with a flopping left boot. At first glance, the boot looked completely trashed and my heart sank. It was still on, but her hoof was sticking out and it looked like she had ripped a hole in it. When I took it off and walked her into the barn to get a closer look, it didn't look quite so bad... it was all mushed down and mangled looking, but nothing was ripped and I was able to put it back on. I was temporarily very excited.

I tried on 2 saddles before finally deciding on one of the boarder's dressage saddles. It fit the best, I think. I have zero experience with dressage saddles, but it looked less narrow than the others. Here's my cute dressage pony:

Dressage pony for the win!
The pad didn't work out so well, but I didn't want to use a pad that's not Lilly's, so we made it work.

I've never sat in a dressage saddle, so it felt a little strange to me. It was really comfortable, but it felt almost western-y. The high pommel and cantle made it feel a lot different than my hunt seat saddle, although my legs felt really good.

I ended up riding for about 20 minutes and Lilly was doing great! No head shaking or signs of discomfort, even while we were trotting. I had to do a sitting trot for most of the ride, though, because it just felt funny to post... it felt like I really couldn't get my butt up out of the saddle enough to make it worth my while, so I gave up trying.

We were having a great time until I heard this hollow flop sound and Lilly started limping... I looked down and there was my boot, barely hanging on. I got off, removed the boot and looked more closely at the Velcro, only to find nearly all of the loops ripped open. So the Velcro is pretty much shot and the boot is a goner. :(

I just got done telling everyone how much I love those boots... now I hate them. I don't know if I should get her another one to replace this one or try a different style. They're probably not meant to be worn 24 hours a day, but I don't have much choice.

I'm just trying to ride my horse... sometimes I can't because my saddle makes her angry. Sometimes I can't because she's hurt for one reason or another. Sometimes I can't because she doesn't have boots. The list goes on and on. I JUST WANT TO RIDE!


  1. Bummer!

    Now dressage saddles are something I do know a bit about. It looks like the cantle is higher than the pommel, and if that's so, that would certainly affect your posting. A level cantle and pommel will really help your ride.

  2. PS - Lilly looks thrilled. Not.

  3. The cantle was definitely higher than the pommel. It felt like the pommel was blocking me when I was trying to post. Odds are I picked the wrong one, but it looked less narrow, so I thought Lilly might like it better.

    You don't think she looks excited? :)

  4. But was she snarl free about the dressage saddle versus the huntseat saddle?

    Here's the thing about those Easyboot Trails- they're cheap. You get what you pay for. You could try the Cavallos, basically the same design but they might be a little sturdier.

  5. She gave me a dirty look, but she didn't wrinkle her nose at me with her typical snarl.

    Eventually I want to get her a nicer pair of boots, but these were so perfect for turnout and putting pads in. The biggest problem I have is trying to fit the boots. Argh!!

  6. That SUCKS on the boots. I had an epic boot fail yesterday too - maybe it's something in the air? Sounds like it's time to go for glue-ons or "socks" with some gel in the sole for padding/thrush control. Do either of your trimmers do that?

  7. I agree, Jen! There must be some bad boot luck in the air! The glue-ons might be something to look into... I like being able to take the boot off whenever I like, but I also need something to ride in. I've emailed my trimmer asking about what she thinks the next step should be.

  8. I went back and read a few posts... Very frustrating, but one day you will have that wonderful ride. It is funny, but I post in my Western saddle and I don't find it too difficult. I have actually become excited to get the right size girth for my dressage saddle because I so enjoy the faster trot... I am following your feet issue closely now. My vote is to get a better quality boot - in the long run you will probably save money. Replacing cheap ones adds up.

  9. My farrier has tried the glue-ons (can't remember what brands), and on average her clients are going 2 to 3 weeks before they fall off. : ( For me, that makes the boots more economical. I've got some cavallo's and thus far am happy.
    If it's just the velcro, can you have a local shoe repair place stitch some new velcro on for you?

  10. Thanks Margaret! Sometimes I forget I have newer readers who aren't as familiar with the trials and tribulations I've faced with Lilly. I'll have to remember to link some old posts in my newer ones.

    I was just looking at those prices too, Sand. It isn't adding up in my head, so I might pass on the rubber boots unless I need them for something really specific (like a trail ride somewhere, or something like that).

    Luckily, EasyCare has a 90 day replacement guarantee, so they're going to send me a free boot! :)