Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Five And A Half Weeks

It's been a while since I posted hoof pictures, and since I can't ride until I get my new boot, I figured I might as well! Speaking of which, EasyBoot has a 90 day replacement guarantee on all their boots, so they will be replacing mine for free. Big kudos to jenj for letting me know!

Lilly seems to be doing better on her right front than she was previously, so I'm optimistic that progress is being made. I mentioned before that I've been using apple cider vinegar on her feet to treat any possible thrush that might be hidden in there, and since I started that, the central sulcus in each foot is looking better and better. I can actually see the skin on the other side of the crack whereas before it was still too deep to see. I think it's pretty evident in the pictures too.

Now that she's got some new, visible growth, I think the changes in her feet are even more obvious. Everything is growing in at a new angle and looks a lot more healthy. Yay!!

Left Front

Left hoof - dorsal view.
Left hoof - lateral view.
Left hoof - medial view.
Left hoof - heel view.
Left hoof - my best attempt at a caudal view.
Left hoof - solar view.

Right Front

Right hoof - dorsal view.
Right hoof - lateral view.
RIght hoof - medial view.
Right hoof - heel view.
Right hoof - caudal view.
Right hoof - solar view.
After taking hoof pictures, I gave her a much needed bath. She was really dusty and in a "please scratch me anywhere and I'll love you forever" kind of mood. She LOVED her bath... and now she's beautiful again.


  1. Is she OK to walk on the driveway? 'Cause if she does ok with that, you can hand walk - and walk, and walk, and walk - her. Movement of any kind is good as long as she's comfortable (without boots, I mean).

    I actually end up ponying my boys a lot to get them out. Mostly 'cause I don't have time to work them all, but it's great to just get them out and walk for a few miles. Not bad for me either after sitting all day at my desk job, lol!

  2. Thank you, Terry! :)

    Jen, she is ok walking on the driveway and I have been doing that with her every couple days... we go up and down, up and down for about 20 minutes or so. I've been told the concrete will help harden her sole too, and it'll help until the new boot arrives.

    Ponying would be a great way to work more than one horse at a time... I wonder what Lilly would think of having a horse attached to her? LOL

  3. The hairlines look SO MUCH BETTER! Her heels and coming back where they belong and the digital cushions also look like they are continuing to beef up. Nice work!

  4. Fascinating .... I'm following your progress and it looks good.

  5. That growth line is just amazing.

    I'm going to have to try the Apple Cider Vinegar. Lord knows I feed enough of it, might as well spritz a little in their frogs as well. ;-)

    I've been meaning to ask you about the angle of Lilly's left leg when you show heel views...it's not straight up and down like her right leg. Is that from her tendon issues?

  6. Smaz, thank you! I'm glad you can see the progress too! I'm still trying to learn, so I look at the changes in her feet and I get excited that I can see anything at all! :)

    Margaret, thank you! I hope I'm not boring everyone with hoof pictures but I find it fascinating!

    BEC, definitely try the ACV. I've seen a huge difference in Lilly's hooves since I started using it.

    Regarding the pastern angle on her left leg... that's something of a mystery at this point and I've discussed it at length with Rebecca. I think the hoof itself isn't very balanced, so I think that's contributing to it, but it could also be conformation or just how her body has adapted to the hoof issues she has. The right pastern looked very similar when we first took the shoes off, but it has straightened quite a bit. I was waiting for the left to do the same, but it hasn't yet. That's why I'm going to go ahead and get x-rays too. It should show us exactly what's going on with that hoof and pastern area.

  7. Glad to see the positive progress.

  8. Wow, that new growth on her left front is DRAMATIC! What a wonderful change, and I'm so happy that you're having great progress.

  9. Thanks Carol and Jill! I'm really excited to see the new growth... it really shows how much progress she's made so far. :)