Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

I was really looking forward to visiting Lilly at the barn today. I wanted to see how she was doing with Jack and how everyone was getting along. As I drove past her old pasture, though, I saw her back in it, and the pasture she was moved to the other day held 3 geldings. Hmmm... I wondered if it was something Lilly did (maybe she went swimming in the pond) or if it was something else.

I moseyed into the barn, checked the communications board, and found this:

"Moved Lilly back. The other horses always tried to eat her food because she comes and goes. The guys go "crazy" with her so she's by herself for now."
I wondered if food was going to be an issue, but I wasn't sure how they were feeding the horses these days. Lilly definitely takes her sweet time and seems to snack on her breakfast all day long.

I saw the new horse's owner too, and she was telling me her horse Music was going completely crazy over Lilly. He was pacing the fence and screaming for her constantly, which is why they put him in a different paddock. When he was still going nuts, they decided to put Lilly across the road to make it even more difficult for him to see her. Music's mom said even Jack was starting to act crazy with her, so they decided to put Lilly back in a paddock by herself. That horse of mine is always causing trouble. :)

After I took pictures of Lilly's feet the other day, I noticed something in one of them that had me a bit worried. I was upset that I hadn't see it when I was at the barn, so I quickly emailed it to Rebecca to see what she thought about it. Basically there was an area by Lilly's frog that had a hole in it. Since it was by her frog, I was worried that Lilly might have some thrush in her foot. Because of my vacation, it had been over a week since I had been able to pick her feet so I was pretty worried. Rebecca said it was difficult for her to diagnose since she couldn't actually look at her foot, but she thought it looked more like an abscess than thrush.

Frog crater...
She told me to take a closer look and dig around with my hoof pick and I should be able to tell whether it's thrush or not. On my way to the barn today I bought some ACV just in case I needed to soak her hoof, but after cleaning it out and digging around in there, I think it's most likely an abscess hole. This is also on the hoof that she's been "off" on, so I wonder if she's got another abscess in there too?

I also took some pictures of the chipping on her feet. I just find it interesting because the chips are coming off on their own (except for a few of the bigger ones).

Left foot...

Right foot...
I decided I wanted to take her out to the round pen to play a bit, so we suited up and made our way out there. As soon as she stepped outside the barn, the horses in the pasture closest to us RAN over to the fence whinnying to her. We had to walk past them to get to the round pen and they both stood there nickering to her. Once we got in the round pen, the horses in the pasture across the driveway saw her and RAN over to the fence whinnying to her. She kept looking back and forth between each pasture of geldings not sure what to do with herself!

We did just a little bit of in halter work and then I took the halter off and worked on getting her to pay attention to me, which was extra difficult because of all the cat calls from the boys. When I finally got her attention, I did what I call the "pull", where I turn toward her hip and walk to the opposite end of the round pen, my back to her. She usually walks into the middle of the ring, follows me to where I've stopped, and stands there waiting for what's to come next. Today, though, she walked up behind me and rested her chin on my shoulder. My heart melted... I turned my head and gave her a big smooch. I do love that mare.

While I had her out, I thought I would get a few videos on my iPhone of her trotting and cantering.  If you look closely along the fence lines, you can see all her admirers.  :)

3 Weeks Post Shoes - Trotting Left

3 Weeks Post Shoes - Cantering Left

She seemed better to the left, and she really didn't want to trot to the right, so I didn't push her. I think you can see pretty well how she's a bit off...

3 Weeks Post Shoes - Trotting Right

If I continue to see that she's off on that right foot, and depending on what Cat says on Thursday, I may end up getting xrays just to be safe.


  1. Hmmm... If Lilie was a milkshake I'd peg her a yummy Cook Out banana pudding. What do you think? She is doing really well barefoot. Thank you for documenting her progression. It's still in the back of my mind to try it with Wilby.

  2. LOL! Banana pudding sounds about right! :) She has been doing super with the barefoot so far. A few bumps in the road, but I'm very happy with her progress. Rebecca is fantastic, so if you decide to go barefoot with Wilby, you have a great resource.

  3. I know the first couple of weeks after bringing Key's heels down and taking off the excess hoof wall, he moved like everything was broken! His frogs needed to toughen up as well as his heels... and in reward, the past couple of weeks he is trotting on his own in the pasture. It has been a long time since he has done that!

    I don't know if this is the reason why she is a little off--she looks a little hitchy behind, too, so she may just be all--over uncomfortable. Overall though I think she's doing well!

  4. It's that big ghetto stock horse booty ;)

    I think the worry about chipping is usually overrated. Mine have flaked off some pretty good sized chunks and never seemed to care. I'm so glad she's doing well!

  5. I'm with Funder - the chipping just looks like her feet adjusting themselves, nothing to worry over. I really would consider putting her on a bit of a diet though - she's plump! That extra weight won't help her any either - Red's packed on a few pounds and has suddenly started landing toe-first and being footy on rocks. Time for a grazing muzzle for him! Overall I think she looks super awesome though, especially for only being 3 weeks out! I can't wait to see pics of her feet from the side...

  6. DIJ, I'm thinking she is probably sore in places too. I noticed the other day she seemed a little muscle sore behind, so it's hard to tell. I'm just worried about that hoof because Cat said she thought Lilly looked a little off even before we took the shoes off.

    Funder, she does have a bit of a booty, doesn't she? :)

    Other than the boots not fitting, I guess the chipping isn't a big deal... I just think it looks bad.

    Jen, she really doesn't eat much of anything anymore. She gets some alfalfa pellets for protein, a vitamin supplement, a few flakes of hay, and her pasture and that's it. Well, except for carrots. I was hoping the extra turnout would help her drop some pounds but that also means she's eating more grass too.

    I'll take some good pictures on Thursday after Cat comes out. She has grown A LOT of heel in just 3 weeks. It's awesome! :)

  7. I'm staying tuned. I don't have anything to add as this is all new to me... She is so sweet, though. I can see why the boys like her :)

  8. Thank you, ladies. I think she's pretty special. :)

  9. When I took my horse barefoot, I never put boots on him or anything. It tends to numb their feet just like shoes do so they really can't progress to get used to the ground. I also transitioned over the winter when the ground was frozen and much harder. One thing I did to help with the soreness though is put this hoof oil called Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil on his feet. It's all natural and does not seal the hoof. It's mainly wintergreen mint and has an extremely strong peppermint smell. It helps soothe inflammation and pain in the hoof and soothes bruises. Might be something to try. It really helped Cruizer be more comfortable. He went from limping to rideable in a matter of three days/applications. It's done some pretty amazing things for him.