Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Few More Updates

I've been thinking about the x-rays Lilly needs for her front hooves, and rather than using my regular veterinarian, I've decided to try someone different. Rebecca has suggested I try a vet she trims for, so I put in call to the office today. I haven't heard back yet, but with any luck they'll call me soon.

I also received my new EasyCare Trail boots in the mail yesterday. I was surprised that they sent me a replacement for each boot instead of just the one I was having the most trouble with. Now I have a spare, though, so I'm very grateful. So the good news is, I can go back to riding without having to worry about her boot falling off!

I've also not had another issue with Lilly's saddle. I had a feeling she was going to do this to me... she'll be great for a while and just when I think we're good to go, she'll surprise me and start acting uncomfortable again. I've been planning ahead, though, and when she does it again (because I know she will) I'm going to try her with a half pad. The boarder I've become pretty good friends with is super nice and always offering her tack for me to try. She's got a really nice half pad that I'm going to try when the time comes.

She's so nice, in fact, that she let me ride her boy Music the other night. She felt sorry for me, so we traded horses. He is huge, and super sweet! I had a lot of fun riding him. :)

The other night at the barn I took advantage of the pretty sunset and set up my camera on the arena gate. Using my remote control, I snapped a few shots of me and my sweet girl.

I gave up trying to get her ears up for the picture...
Oh wait!  Ears are up in this one!  :)
I'm loving the dirty nose she has from playing in the dirt! LOL


  1. I bet it feels great to be riding again.

  2. Lilly looks so cute! I just give up on the ears forward for photos thing. I can never seem to get them that way!

  3. I like the dirty nose too. LOL I took a great photo of a horse the other day... She was a black horse but had dirt on her nose. SO I just turned it into a b&w and it worked. And as for the ears... Well, ears facing back, as you know, means relaxed and listening to you... which is good. But I too struggle with wanting an ears forward photo- and of course, they usually do it when I put down the camera... :) The last photo of you and your girl is a keeper.

  4. Ooh, the second pic is nice! You both look good :)

  5. Those pictures are TOO CUTE! Glad you got your boot finally!

  6. Thanks everyone! It's not easy taking pictures of ourselves, but I think they turned out pretty nice considering. :)