Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Drama Queen

It's a beautiful, fall day in North Carolina... a perfect day to get some pictures of the horses at the barn. Some of the residents were quite uncooperative, but I managed to snap a few good ones of three of the five geldings.

Music, an OTTB loved very much by his mom.
Trudeau, a PMU gelding with an interesting sense of humor.
Quill, a very accomplished Dressage horse, now enjoying his retirement.
Oh, and remember how I said some of the horses were not cooperative? Yeah, mine was one of them. Cameras can't feed or scratch her, so she has no use for them.

"Hey, mom! Is it time for carrots or scratches?"
"No carrots until after the pictures? I am NOT happy!"
"How's this? One ear up and as enthusiastic as I get about stupid pictures..."
"Extra carrots if I put BOTH ears up and pretend to enjoy this?
"I hope you brought lots of carrots!"


  1. That fist photo is stunning with the foliage and the fence and of course, the gorgeous horse! And I hope you did bring lots of carrots... adjusting one's attitude can be very stressful! :)

  2. Awesome pictures! At least Lilly finally smiled for one or two!

    Is Trudeau a Canadian PMU horse? Just wondering b/c it's the name of one of our past Prime Ministers (very famous) and there WAS that huge Cdn. PMU sell-off a few years ago. Ironic name if that's the case...

  3. Beautiful photos - glad your girl decided to be reasonably cooperative!

  4. Thanks, Margaret! I had to follow him around the pasture for about a half hour, but I finally got a good one. :)

    Thank you, Sand! They didn't turn out half bad! I don't know a whole lot about Trudeau's story other than he is a Canadian PMU horse and I think he's fairly young... maybe 5 or 6-ish. The BO's friend got him from Canada and trained him, but lost interest in him so she sold him to the BO. He's a really sweet horse... quite quirky.

    Thanks, Kate! :)

  5. Very nice pictures. Glad Lily cooperated in the end and I hope she got some carrots :)

  6. She always gets carrots... don't let her fool you. :) Thanks, Carol!

  7. ROFL at your poor mistreated horse!

  8. Those are really nice photos! Too bad Lilly wasn't really into it but you did get a nice one in the end.